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Is Alastor Skin From Hazbin Hotel Coming To Fortnite?

After the release of the new song emote of the Hazbin Hotel in Fortnite, players are curious if they can get Alastor skin too.

Furthermore, the Hazbin Hotel song emote was available in the Fortnite item shop from February 11, 2024.

This sudden release of the new emote with the Hazbin Hotel song hints at the collaboration of Fortnite with the Hazbin Hotel.

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Is Fortnite Collaborating With Hazbin Hotel?

Fortnite is a popular battle royale game that often collaborates and crossovers with other known characters.

Furthermore, Fortnite keeps the game entertaining by bringing together popular characters and themes from various franchises.

Players can get a whole bundle of popular characters from other games, series or movies in Fortnite.

In addition, the game is even open to collaborating with singers and movie stars to spice things up.

Recently Fortnite surprised players by showing a hint of collaboration with Hazbin Hotel.

Hazbin Hotel is a popular American animated comedy series where Charlie Morningstar opens a hotel for demons.

Additionally, many people love watching the episodes of Hazbin Hotel and now players are getting a hint of the series in the game.

Alastor Song Emote For Fortnite Skin

There is no official announcement of the collaboration between Fortnite and Hazbin Hotel.

But, Fortnite already adds the song that highlights the Alastor character of Hazbin Hotel as an emote for skins in the game.

Furthermore, the name of the song is Insanse and it was released on June 11, 2021.

The Insane song is about Hazbin Hotel by Black Gryphon and Baasik.

Reapershowtime Alastor song emote in Fortnite
Reaper Showtime is the new emote in Fortnite where players dance to the Alastor song Insane.

Black Gryphon was the English singing voice for Alastor in the pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel.

However, the Insane song is not the official song of Alastor released by the Hazbin Hotel.

It is a fan song by the singing voice actor of Alastor in the pilot episode of the popular Hazbin Hotel series.

The Insane song has more than 53 million views on YouTube and 142 million streams on Spotify as of February 2024.

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Alastor’s Reaper Showtime Emote In Fortnite

The Alastor’s Insane song became super popular, with millions of views from Hazbin Hotel fans watching and listening to it.

The Fortnite developers noticed the fanbase of Hazbin Hotel and how much people liked the Insane song.

So, they decided to add it to the game as a new emote called Reaper Showtime.

Alastor skin coming in Fortnite
The Alastor’s Hazbin Hotel Insane song emote comprises a red Scythe, red horn and an eye on top.

Furthermore, the Reaper Showtime emote plays the Insane song and makes the player dance to the tune.

The Reaper Showtime Alastor’s emote is very fun where players do the dance moves by swaying their scythe.

The Reaper Showtime emote also makes the player do tricks with their scythe by swirling it around with the music on.

Is Alastor Skin Coming To Fortnite?

The addition of the Reaper Showtime emote is very exciting for the players who love Hazbin Hotel.

Players are already starting to guess what else from Hazbin Hotel might show up in the game.

Many Fortnite players are looking forward to more Hazbin Hotel-themed content in the game.

Players are eagerly waiting for skins of the Hazbin Hotel characters like Charlie MorningStar, Alastor, Vaggie, Sir Pentious etc in Fortnite.

Alastor skin in Fortnite
Alastor Skin in Fortnite will indeed have the iconic look of Alastor which is sharp wit and devilish grin.

The Alastor’s Insane Hazbin Hotel song emote comes with a large red scythe.

Furthermore, this emote also gives players red horns and an eye on top.

There is no doubt that Fortnite is taking reference from the Alastor character of Hazbin Hotel in the Reaper showtime emote.

Due to this reason, players are anticipating they are going to get more Hazbin Hotel skins and content soon in Fortnite.

Alastor’s Charm In Fortnite

Alastor is the Radio Demon who is a charismatic figure in the world of Hazbin Hotel.

If the Alastor Skin comes in Fortnite, it is going to have the iconic look of Alastor which is sharp wit and devilish grin.

The skin will indeed have Alastor’s signature red suit along with pinstripes and a matching bow tie.

If Fortnite introduces Alastor Skin then he is going to create that aura for captivating and intimidating in the game.

Players may get the chance to use Alastor’s devilish moves and powers in Fortnite.

The collaboration of Hazbin Hotel and Fortnite is going to be super fabulous, especially for the fans of Hazbin Hotel.

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