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Argylle Spoilers And Ending Explained 2024

After the release of the Argylle Official trailer, fans are curious to know the spoilers of the movie.

The movie features popular faces like Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa, Sam Rockwell, John Cena, etc., making the movie a hot topic.

Fans are speculating what might happen in the movie based on the scenes in its trailer.

The trailer shows that the movie is not just based on spies but also linked with fortune telling.

Continue reading to find out more about Argylle Spoilers and how the story may end based on its trailers.

Argylle Spoilers: What Happens In The Movie?

Argylle is a spy movie with lots of surprises and twists which is officially releasing on February 2, 2024

Furthermore, Argylle is becoming a hot topic after the release of its official teaser.

Argylle movie spoilers
Argylle movie is releasing officially on February 2, 2024, a movie by Matthew Vaughn.

The movie features big stars like Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Dua Lipa, John Cena etc.

In addition, Argylle is full of intense action scenes, complex twists, and surprising endings based on its trailer.

The movie starts with a spy named Agent Argylle chasing a bad guy named LaGrange in a club.

But the twist is these characters are not real spies; they are characters from a book written by a famous author named Elly Conway.

Furthermore, Elly (Bryce Dallas Howard) is struggling to finish her new book, and she decides to take a train to visit her mom.

On the train, she meets a guy named Aiden (Sam Rockwell), who turns out to be a real spy.

Hence, the movie cleverly switches between Elly’s imagination and the real world.

Elly Coway Meets A Real Spy

As Elly’s book was very informative about the spy, Director Ritter thinks her book reveals real spy secrets.

Ritter assumes that since Elly knows a lot about Spy secrets she also may know a secret flash drive.

Elly Conway meets real spy
When Ellie Conway travels on the train she meets Aiden who turns out to be a real spy in Argylle.

So, Ritter sends a group of villains after her to ask her where the flash drive is hidden.

Elly is unaware of what danger is coming her way but as soon as the Ritter’s gang tries to get her Aiden steps up.

Hence, Sam Rockwell playing the role of Aiden fights with the villains trying to abduct Elly.

He beats up the gang and takes Ellie to the exit of the train to jump and escape.

However, both of them end up flying in a parachute and save the day.

Argylle Ending Explained 2024

In the movie Argylle, there’s a big mystery about Elly Conway’s spy books.

Furthermore, people are curious about why her stories seem to come true in real life.

This mystery makes the story more interesting and keeps the audience guessing.

In addition, we’re left wondering if Elly has a connection to the spy world that goes beyond what she can imagine.

As you delve deep into the story, it will reveal that Agent Argylle, the main character in Elly’s book is not just a fictional creation.

Agent Argylle is a real spy who operates his mission in shadows which is a big twist in the story.

Real Agent Argylle
At the end of the movie, Ellie gets to meet the real Agent Argylle who is likely to be Henry Cavill.

This revelation turns the tables on what we thought we knew and makes it hard to tell what’s fiction and what’s real.

Hence, the merge of Elly’s fictional world with the real spy drama makes the storyline more creative and unpredictable for viewers.

Moreover, you will also get to watch good chemistry between Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell in the movie.

In the end, the movie takes us on a journey filled with surprises and twists.

Hence, the major questions throughout the film are why Elly’s spy novels predict real-life events and who is Agent Argylle.

The ending reveals the mystery about who the real Agent Argylle is and what is the connection of Elly to him.

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