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Dave Ball From Sleep Token: Know Everything About III

The Sleep Token’s identities were leaked on social media in early January 2023.

However, the privacy of band members was seriously violated, causing significant distress to the band members.

Sleep Token bassist, who is known as III, aka Dave Ball’s birth certificates and addresses, was posted on the internet. Moreover, he is in the limelight after his photo captured by a band’s photographer spread all over the internet.
Continue reading to learn about the Sleep Token bassist Dave Ball’s identity leak.

What’s Going On With Sleep Token?

Sleep Token is a mysterious rock music band that emerged in London, England in 2016.

They are well known for their captivating live performance with all the band members wearing a mask.

Moreover, the group is an anonymous, masked collective led by a frontman using the moniker Vessel.

Unfortunately, anonymous English metalcore pop band Sleep Token has allegedly had their identities and personal information revealed.

Hence, these privacy violations impact bands personally, professionally, and emotionally.

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Sleep Token’s III: Dave Ball

Recently, the identity of the Sleep Token‘s band member, bassist III has been publicly revealed.

Performers who wear masks at every performance and photo shoot to conceal their identity can no longer maintain that anonymity due to leaked photos.

Sleep Token Bassist “III” is famous for his stage presence and his playing technique.

Unfortunately, his personal information, such as birth certificates and addresses, has been made public.

Sleep Token’s III, Dave Ball photo taken Adam Rosssi.
Sleep Token’s III, Dave Ball photo by Adam Rossi.

Dave Ball, known as III in Sleep Token, stepped into the spotlight during the show at the Mitsubishi Hall in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Hence, the matching details on social media profiles mentioning Charvel validated his revealed identity within the band.

Sleep Token Dave Ball was born in the United Kingdom and is a former bassist of Killing Joke.

His face was revealed through a candid photograph which was taken by the band’s photographer, Adam Rossi.

Moreover, the photo spreads more over the internet when fans share and repost the leaked information on social media.

This candid photo features Dave Ball, wearing a hat, and holding the guitar, a gift by Michael Petritsch.

Sleep Token: Nothing Lasts Forever

Sleep Tokens wiped their social media, putting Nothing Lasts Forever in the Instagram Bio.

Moreover, Sleep Tokens removed all the past posts from their official Instagram page.

All the band member accounts are no longer available after the incident.

Sleep Token Instgram bio "Nothing lasts forever"
Sleep Token “Nothing lasts forever” Instagram bio.

The band members have their accounts due to concerns about privacy and security and to mitigate the impact of the privacy breach.

Hence, there has been no statement or any official news from the band regarding this matter. 

The Bottom Line

Sleep Token has their identities hidden behind masks and cloaks for many years.

However, some leaked information has revealed the true faces and names of the band members.

It has violated their privacy, leading to scrutiny of the band member’s personal lives.

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