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Does Gus Die In Boy Swallows Universe?

The Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix is a deep and emotional series that mixes supernatural parts with families, love, and crime.

Many people are curious whether Gus will die in the Boy Swallows Universe at the end of the series.

Does Gus die in the Boy Swallows Universe question arises after the murder of Eli and Gus’s stepfather, Lyle Orlik. When Eli investigates the murderer, he gets into big trouble, which is when Gus saves his little brother at the end of the series.

Continue reading to find out does Gus dies in Boy Swallows Universe.

What Happens In The Boy Shallows Universe?

The Netflix show Boy Swallows Universe is based on a book by Trent Dalton.

Furthermore, the Boy Shallows Universe tells the story of the Bell family, focusing on the two brothers, Eli and Gus.

In this series, ELI is 13 years old but he is wise beyond his age.

In addition, Eli’s brother Gus and his mother are the only two people who are important to him.

Two brothers in Boys swallow universe
The Boy Swallows Universe series revolves around the lives and mysteries of two brothers Eli and Gus.

He could see the visions in the form of broken images which usually always came true

The series takes you through their challenging lives, dealing with family problems, crime, and mysterious events.

Moreover, this fantasy thriller has a lot going and it all builds up to a powerful and emotional ending.

If you have not watched the series yet, this article contains the spoilers of what happened to Gus and the important events that led to it.

Why Did Gus Lose His Speech?

After Gus loses his speech, Gus communicates with the family through paintings and drawing letters in the air.

The first time Gus spoke after his trauma at 8 years old was when Lan Cru was about to chop off Eli’s finger in front of him.

Furthermore, the trauma of why Gus stopped speaking was revealed in episode 4 of the series.

It all started when Eli and Gus’s stepfather was murdered and his mother was taken to prison.

In addition, the boys went to live their lives with their biological father Robert, who was an alcoholic.

One night, Robert took Eli and Gus camping, and on the way through, Robert started to drink.

Robert started having a panic attack, and he lost control of his car, which flew off the road to a lake.

Even though three of them made it out of there alive, this incident shocked Gus so much that he lost his speech.

Who Was Behind The Murder Of Lyle Orlik?

The series also explores the murder of Lyle Orlik, Eli and Gus’s stepfather, who was in the drug business.

Furthermore, Lyle was into some bad stuff related to drugs, and his death is connected to Tytus Broz.

Eli in Boy shallows universe
Eli is the main character of Boy Swallows Universe where he investigates the case of the murder of his stepfather.

Even though Tytus seems like the good person in the series, it turns out he is the one doing illegal things.

As Lyle started doing his own thing and went against Tytus, he got killed by Tytus’s right-hand person, Ivan Kroll.

Eli Investigates The Murder Of Lyle Orlik

As the story continues, Eli and the reporter Caitlyn Spies start looking into Tytus’s secret criminal group.

They find out about a scary operation where Tytus is experimenting on people’s bodies in a secretive way.

The most intense part happens at the Queensland championship awards when Eli faces Tytus and exposes the shocking truth about his creepy experiments.

Does Gus Die In Boy Swallows Universe?

The fate of Gus takes a tragic turn in the final moments of the Boy Swallows Universe.

When Eli is in big trouble with Ivan Kroll who is the guy who killed Lyle, Gus steps in to protect his brother.

Gus knew something bad would happen, so he did something really brave.

Besides, Gus protects his brother Eli by sacrificing himself to push Ivan Kroll off a clock tower.

The show uses symbols like Gus saying a dead blue wren will be the end.

Gus in boyshswallow universe
In Boy Swallows universe, Gus has supernatural powers like future visions and writing in the air.

This line means that the death of Gus marks the end of the old things and the start of a new part of life for Eli and his family.

Hence,  Gus dies at the end of the Boy Shallows Universe protecting his little brother with his life.

The death of Eli’s beloved brother becomes a tragic and changing moment for Eli.

The story talks about sacrifice, family bonds, and how the characters stay strong even when facing really hard things.

The Red Phone 

In the show, this special red phone helps Eli when he’s scared.

The red phone provides Eli comfort and guidance when he answers it.

Hence, it is like a way for Eli to feel better when things get hard for him.

Gus and Eli believed that the person talking on the red phone to them was Gus’s adult self from the future.

However, in the end, the red phone stops ringing, showing that the problems are over, and Eli can finally have a peaceful life.

The Bottom Line

Boy Shallow Universe takes you through family struggles, criminal activities, supernatural powers, mysterious elements, etc.

Even though Gus’s fate is sad, it helps Eli grow and makes way for a better future for the Bell family.

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