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Does Monopoly Go Have Free Hammer Links?

Hammers in Monopoly GO are important for digging up treasures in events like the Egyptian Treasures.

Many players have been curious whether free links offer these essential tools.

There aren’t any free hammer links in Monopoly GO at the moment, but you can secure more hammers by joining events, completing daily quick wins, and reaching milestones.

In this article, we will explore whether there are any available free links for hammers in Monopoly GO.

What Are Hammers In Monopoly Go?

Hammers in Monopoly GO play a vital role in events like the Egyptian Treasures.

However, they are pickaxes, and players refer to them as hammers.

You will need these tools to dig and break squares during the game’s special events.

Players can obtain them by participating in events, completing daily quick wins, and reaching specific milestones.

The primary purpose of hammers is to help players discover artifacts and claim rewards.

Moreover, those rewards typically include free dice, sticker packs, and cash.

Hammers are essential for progressing through levels and completing milestones.

hammers monopoly go
You can get hammers by participating in various tournaments.

Players have been searching for free links to obtain hammers, also known as pickaxes, in Monopoly GO.

The game’s special events, like the Egyptian Treasures, rely on these essential tools.

Despite the quest for free hammer links, as of now, there are no known links for acquiring hammers.

Players must try in-game activities like joining events, accomplishing daily quick wins, and hitting specific milestones. 

egyptian treasures hammer free links
You will need hammers to dig up treasures in Egyptian Treasures.
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How To Get More Hammers In Monopoly Go?

If you’re wondering how to secure more hammers to enhance your Monopoly GO experience, here’s a guide:

1. Participate In Events And Shop Gifts

Engage in ongoing events, such as the Tax Refund event, where progressing through levels can reward you with hammers.

Additionally, explore the in-game shop and check the 8-hour free shop gift during events like Egyptian Treasures, as it may contain additional hammers.

2. Daily Quick Wins

Complete the daily quick wins, a straightforward and efficient way to earn 3-4 hammers per objective.

Moreover, these allow you to accumulate around a dozen hammers daily.

4. Milestone Achievements

Reach specific milestones in events and tournaments to claim extra hammers.

For example, achieving Milestone 3 in the Egyptian Treasures event rewards you with three additional hammers and cash.

By following these steps, you can ensure a steady supply of hammers.

Here is a list of events and gifts that will get you hammers:

EventsNumber Of Hammers
Tax Refund185 (levels 1-50)
Egyptian Treasures Milestone 33
Daily Quick Wins3-4 per objective
Shop 8-hour Gift Pack (during events)Varies

The Bottom Line

Hammers in Monopoly GO are essential tools for finding treasures.

Even though players are looking for free hammer links, it seems no known ones exist for Monopoly GO right now.

Still, players must keep playing events, daily quick wins, and reaching goals to make sure they always have enough hammers.

While free links may not be around, there are ways to get these vital tools and enjoy playing Monopoly Go.

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