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Guapo Face Reveal: Awaited Moment For His Fans

Guapo is one of the popular Twitch streamers who didn’t show his face during the stream from the beginning.

Many fans were waiting for Guapo to reveal his face and finally, the day came after a long wait.

Guapo recently did a face reveal during his livestream on January 7th, 4 AM PST leaving all his fans in awe. He is popular for his positive attitude, infectious laughter, and entertaining gameplay during the stream.

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Who Is Guapo?

A2Guapo is a 20-year-old Filipino Twitch streamer who plays Valorant and streams it on the platform.

He is popular for his entertaining gameplay and quirky personality.

Further, Guapo is very popular in the gaming community and has over 178k followers on Twitch.

He has been continuously streaming about Valorant since his starting days on Twitch.

Additionally, he also has his official Discord server and Twitter handle where fans get information about his live stream schedules.

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When Did Guapo Reveal His Face?

Guapo occasionally showed some glimpses of his face or his forehead keeping the webcam at certain angles.

However, since the starting days, he had never fully revealed his face during any of his streams.

Most of his fans were eagerly anticipating the day when he would finally reveal his face.

Guapo finally acknowledged this and planned to surprise his fans with his full face reveal with a face cam stream.

A2Guapo revealed his face during the recent Twitch facecam stream on 7th January, 4 AM PST.

Guapo live stream
A2Guapo revealed his face during the livestream.

He shared this information about the face reveal on his official Twitter handle.

Additionally, he said that he was anxious about the face reveal for a long time but now it is finally the time for reveal.

Further, all of his fans were excited about this news and joined the stream to finally see his face.

During the face cam stream, A2Guapo received the highest number of viewers on his Twitch platform.

Fans Reaction To Guapo Face Reveal

Many fans found him cute and handsome as they were discussing it in the Reddit discussion.

Likewise, fans are leaving positive comments about his face reveal in his livestream comments.

guapo viewers during face reveal
The stat shows that the number of live viewers gradually increased during the Guapo face reveal.

After the first face cam stream, he is now streaming with his face cam on for all the streams.

Further, he will continuously do live streams for 400 days as mentioned in his Twitch.

The Bottom Line

After a long wait, Guapo finally revealed his face to his fans during his Twitch Stream session.

This is the moment most of his fans have been eagerly waiting for from the beginning of his stream days.

Players can now experience his Valorant stream with his face cam on.

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