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Has Hazbin Hotel Episode 10 Leaked Yet?

The first season of Hazbin Hotel reached an epic conclusion with its tenth and final episode, titled “The Show Must Go On.”

The episode was a thrilling and emotional showdown between the residents of the Hazbin Hotel and the angels.

Along the way, the episode revealed some shocking secrets and explored some complex relationships.

Continue reading to analyze the Hazbin Hotel Episode 10 events, and discuss what they mean for the show’s future.

Adam’s Death Shook The Hazbin Hotel

In Hazbin Hotel Episode 8, Adam, the leader of the angels was dead. 

He was revealed to be Charlie’s long-lost brother and sacrificed himself to save her from Lilith, their mother.

Adam’s death devastated not only Charlie but also the other angels, who had lost their commander and friend.

Adam’s death also had a profound impact on the Hazbin Hotel universe.

However, it opened the possibility of a truce between Heaven and Hell and hinted at a bigger conflict to come in Season 2, Episode 10. 

Adam’s death was a tragic but noble act that showed his love for his sister and his redemption arc.

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Charlie And Alastor Recruited Cannibal Town’s Demons

Charlie and Alastor aimed to defend the hotel from the angelic invasion.

Thus, they decided to seek help from some of the most notorious and powerful demons in Hell: the cannibals of Cannibal Town.

Despite their initial hostility and distrust, Charlie persuaded them to join her cause by appealing to their sense of pride and freedom.

Further, she offered them a chance to taste angel flesh, something they had never done before.

Alastor, on the other hand, used his charisma and influence to convince them to follow his lead.

Together, they recruited a formidable army of cannibals, including Rosie (Jenn Colella).

With their new allies, Charlie and Alastor returned to the hotel, ready to face the angels in a final showdown.

hazbin hotel character
Season 2 may introduce new characters.

Lilith’s Shocking Return And Her Sinister Plan 

One of the most surprising and intriguing twists in Hazbin Hotel Episode 8 was the return of Lilith.

Lilith secretly worked with Lucifer, her husband, and Charlie’s father, to overthrow Heaven and take over the universe.

Further, she confessed that she had manipulated Adam, her son and Charlie’s brother, into leading the extermination.

However, she knew that Adam would die in the process.

Lilith’s shocking return and her sinister plan for Hell not only expose her true nature as a ruthless and ambitious villain.

Additionally, it sets up a major conflict for Season 2, Episode 10 in Hazbin Hotel.

Charlie and her friends will have to face their own family in a war for the fate of all creation.

Lilith secretly worked with Lucifer.

What’s Next For Hazbin Hotel: Season 2?

Fans expect Season 2, Episode 10 to continue the story and explore new characters, locations, and conflicts in Hazbin Hotel.

Fans have been speculating and sharing their theories and hopes for the next season on various platforms.

Some of the most popular fan theories and hopes are:

1. New Characters

Season 2 may introduce new characters, such as the other princes of Hell, the other angels, and the other hotel guests.

Fans are especially curious about the mysterious Vox, the TV demon.

Significantly, he has a rivalry with Alastor and the unnamed angel who appeared in the pilot episode.

There may be the development and romance of the existing characters.

2. Backstory And Motivation

Season 2 may reveal the backstory and motivation of Lilith, Lucifer, and Adam.

Further, it may show how they became the rulers and enemies of Heaven and Hell.

Generally, fans want to know more about Charlie’s childhood and relationship with her parents and brother.

3. Development And Romance

There may be the development and romance of the existing characters, such as Alastor and Angel Dust, Vaggie, and Charlie.

Fans want to see how the characters cope with their trauma, guilt, and redemption.

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