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Heaven And Hell Hierachy In Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel has a hierarchy between the Heaven and Hell characters based on their strength and abilities.

Viewers should have a deeper understanding of the hierarchy of both heaven and hell to grasp the dynamics of the series.

 Similarly, the Heaven and hell World have a hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel with their order of authority.

Continue reading to learn more about the Hazbin Hotel’s Heaven and Hell Hierarchy.

Hazbin Hotel Heaven Hierarchy: An Overview

Heaven is the sacred realm of the Hazbin Hotel where most of the gods and angels reside.

It is the home to the celestial beings and also an ethereal realm of the Angels.

There is a theory that a good soul would travel to Heaven following their death.

Similarly, Heaven is purposely separated for the souls who are “good” and “redeemed”, although angels are the native.

Heaven In Hazbin Hotel
Celestial entities like Gods and Angels reside in Heaven of Hazbin Hotel.

However, there is a hierarchy system among the Angels and gods residing in Heaven based on their authority level.

Here is the Hierarchy System of the Heaven in Hazbin Hotel:

1. Gods And Holy Spirits

Gods and Holy Spirits stand at the top of the Heaven Hierarchy for they have brought heaven to existence.

Similarly, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Asherah belong to the top tier of the Heaven Hierarchy.

These gods reign in Heaven and are feared all over the Hazbin Hotel Universe.

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2. Metratron

Metatron belongs to the second place of the Heaven Hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, Metatron is a heavenly emissary who acts as a bridge between the divine and the angelic.

Moreover, Metatron serves as a messenger of the divine and guides those willing to traverse the heavenly surface.

3. The Seven Heavenly Virtues

The Seven Heavenly Virtues are the 3rd strong authority in Hazbin Hotel’s Heaven Hierarchy.

Michael, Gabrial, Uriel, Raphael, Johpiel, Camael, and Zadkiel are the seven heavenly virtues of Heaven.

Likewise, these seven heavenly virtues work alongside God to maintain and defend the prosperity of heaven.

4. Seraphim

Seraphim belongs to the 4th rank in Heaven’s Hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, Seraphuim is a royal family of divine angels who serve as God’s choir and manage the records of soul dwelling in the universe.

Likewise, they stand as guardians of Heaven’s sacredness as they carry out salvation and perform god’s will.

5.  Orphanim

Orphanim belongs to the 5th Rank in Heaven’s Hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, Orphanim guards the Heaven and the throne of the god and is led by the supreme Orphanim angel.

6. Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities

The celestial orders of Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, and Principalities belong to the 6th Rank in Heaven’s Hierarchy.

Similarly, these entities fulfill various administrative and protective roles within Heven’s divine realm.

These angelic characters are the designated political officers whose responsibilities extend beyond heaven.

7. The Heavenly Court

The Heavenly Court belongs to the 7th Rank in Heaven’s Hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, the heavenly court is responsible for handling the laws and maintaining order within Heaven.

Moreover, these entities attend to the queries, worries, and viewpoints of the inhabitants of Heaven.

8. Winners

Winners are the former humans who ascended to heaven after death.

They are the final and 8th rank entities in Heaven’s Hierarchy and are treasured in Heaven.

There are two types of Winners in the series:

  • Saints
  • Lukewarm

Hazbin Hotel Hell Hierarchy: An Overview

Alongside Heaven, there is also a Hell in Hazbin Hotel, demons and bad souls reside over there.

Similarly, Hell is a supernatural infernal afterlife dimension that Lucifer, a fallen angel, created.

Hell In Hazbin Hotel
Demonic entities belong to the Hell In Hazbin Hotel.

After following his war in heaven, Lucifer descended to Hell and made it his realm which now serves as a home for demons.

 Like Heaven, there is also a Hierarchy system in Hell based on their level of authority.

1. The Magne Family

Lucifer and Lilith Magne stand at the top tier of Hell Hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, Lucifer and Lilith are the King and Queen of Hell and have complete control over this treacherous realm.

Beneath Lucifer and Lilith, Charlie holds a unique position in the Hierarchy of hell.

2. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins belong to the second rank in the Hell Hierarchy in Hazbin Hotel.

Mammon, Satan, Leviathan, Belphegor, Asmodeus, and Beekzebub are the seven Dealy sins residing in Hell.

3. Ars Goetia Demons

Ars Goetia Demons belong to the third rank in the Hell Hierarchy.

Similarly, Paimon is the king of the Ars Goetia Demons and also the father of all Goetia demons.

Ars Goetia Demons is a royal clan with extreme powers.

4. Overlords

Overlords are the 4th ranked demons in the Hell Hierarchy of Hazbin Hotel.

Vox, Valentio, Velvet, Alastor, and Rosie are the five overlords of Hell, all yield demonic prowess.

They reign as powerful figures within Hell and rule over the territories of the Pride Ring.

5. Sinner Demons

Sinner Demons belongs to the 5th Rank in the Hell Hierarchy of Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, Sinners are the Mortal souls who were reborn in Hell following their deaths.

All of the sinners are confined to the Pride Ring of the Hell by the king Lucifer.

6. Hellborn

Hellborn belongs to the 6th Rabk in the Hell Hierarchy of Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, hell-born are demonic entities such as Baphomers, succubi, incubi imps, sea demons, etc.

Unlike sinners, hellborns can travel wherever they want in the seven rings using the Elevator 666.

7. Imps And Hellhounds

Imps and Hellhounds ranks as the last in the Hell Hierarchy of Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, demons like Bitzo, Moxxie, Millie, and Loona belong to the lowest level hierarchy in Hazbinn Hotel.

Even if these creatures are underestimated, they serve various roles in the infernal ecosystem of Hell.

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