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Hazbin Hotel Trading Cards Booster Pack: Price And Characters

Hazbin Hotel fans can now embark on the journey to collect the beautiful cards to complete their collection.

Players can purchase multiple trading cards of different characters from the Hazbin Hotel.

Fans of Hazbin Hotel can now purchase their desired trading cards for $6 by visiting its official website and also online stores like eBay. Similarly, fans can purchase cards including Katie Killjoy, Parlor, Tom Trench, Husk, Angel Dust, Money Shot, and The Lone Shark.

Continue reading to learn more about the Trading Cards in Hazbin Hotel.

Trading Cards In Hazbin Hotel

Trading Cards represent the collectibles and characters within the sports and series.

Moreover, the unique item are rectangular or square-shaped pieces of cardboard or digital images.

Trading Cards hazbin Hotel
There are numerous Trading Cards of Hazbin Hotel, each displaying their unique characteristics.

Hazbin Hotel fans can purchase Trading Cards of different rarity levels: common, rare, and ultra-rare.

In addition, fansans can purchase these Cards by visiting its official website or through a third-party app like eBay.

Purchasing the Cards allows fans to connect with their favorite character, featuring stunning artwork and foil variations.

Trading Card Packs In Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel enthusiasts can purchase cards depicting their favorite characters and other entities from the series.

Each trading card holds a unique significance and exciting discovery of the scenes and items from the series.

Likewise, fans can delve into the varieties of Cards ranging from the mischievous Razzle and Dazzle to the  Serenus Ray Gun.

Trading Cards Pack
The Card of Razzle and Dazzle Fromm Hazbin Hotel.

Viewers can experience the diverse range of Trading Cards and also explore the multiple packs of rare and ultra-rare cards.

One of the main attractions of the Booster Pack is the foil variations that bring characters to life.

These foil variations provide the sensation of bringing the characters to life with the distinct foil treatment.

Available Trading Cards In Hazbin Hotel Booster Pack

There are varieties of Trading Cards from common to rare rarity levels of the animated show.

In addition, the stars denote the Rare Cards in Hazbin Hotel and come with the premium foil treatment.

All of these cards, with their own unique characters, scenes, or items, allow fans to experience the diverse world of Hazbin Hotel.

Similarly, fans can purchase these cards and trade these cards within the community for an enhanced experience.

Here are some of the Cards that players can purchase In Hazbin Hotel:

  1. Katie Killjoy
  2. Parlor
  3. Heaven Embassy
  4. Mimsy
  5. Emily
  6. Alistair’s Microphone
  7. Velvet
  8. Tom Trench
  9. Camila Carmine
  10. Husk
  11. Razzle and Dazzle
  12. Serenus Ray Gun
  13. V Tower
  14. Cherry Bomb
  15. The Hasbin Hotel(Ultra Rare)

The Bottom Line

Purchasing Trading Cards celebrates the fandom and offers a beautiful connection to the series.

Hence, head to the official website to purchase the cards and embrace the delightful journey filled with rare finds and sparkling foils.

The joy of unboxing your favorite character’s Trading card is unmatched, so hurry up and assemble your colorful animations.

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