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Is Horizon Data Settlement Scam Or Legit?

Many people are wondering if the Horizon data settlement letter is legit or a scam.

Scammers usually impersonate legitimate organizations to scam people, so it is good to be doubtful.

The Horizon Data Settlement is not a scam as it is the step to compensate people who were the victims of the 2021 Data breach by giving $25 to each. However, scammers are impersonating the Horizon company by emailing the people and asking for their personal information like name, address, DOB, social security number, etc.

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Horizon Data Settlement Scam

In recent times, many people have received letters from Horizon Actuarial Services.

These letters ask people to send their personal information, like their full name and address.

Many people are questioning whether the letters from Horizon Actuarial Services are legitimate.

Furthermore, some people also doubt it to be the Horizon data settlement scam.

The letters seem like an attempt at phishing as they seem similar to ones from other companies like the National Math + Science Initiative.

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Horizon Data Breach In The Past

The controversy of the Horizon data settlement scams arose due to the Horizon data breach that happened in the past.

The Horizon Data Breach is about a security problem in November 2021 at Horizon Actuarial Services.

Furthermore, this affected about 100,000 people who were part of work benefit plans.

horizon data breach
The Horizon Data Breach is about a security problem in November 2021 at Horizon Actuarial Services.

The data breach exposed people’s confidential information like names, DOBs, Social Security numbers, health plan details, etc.

In addition, the people whose personal information leaked were not informed and were only told months later.

Due to this, there was a huge risk of identity theft, financial fraud, etc due to this Horizon Data Breach.

Horizon Compensation Settlement Fund Email 

The Company did not inform the employees about the exposure of their data for a long period.

Due to this, the company has to compensate the people who were the victims of the data breach.

The victims were put into class members who would get settlement funds as compensation from the company.

Horizon has to give $7.75 million in non-reversionary funds to strengthen its data security.

Horizon data breach
Each class member will get $25 as a basic individual relief amount.

Furthermore, each class member will get $25 as a basic individual relief amount to resolve all the claims smoothly.

The Horizon company sent direct emails and mailings to over 1 million people.

The email from the company was a letter explaining the settlement fund and compensation fees for the data breach.

However, many scammers are taking advantage of this step of the company and sending fraudulent emails to people.

Is Horizon Data Settlement Scam Or Legit?

The Hozirzon Data Settlement is a legitimate step from Horizon to compensate the victims for the 2021 data breach.

Due to their inability to protect confidential data, they sent emails to 1 million victims saying they would get $25 each.

However,  scammers are trying to deceive people to steal their personal information by impersonating Horizon.

Hence, you must be aware of the Horizon Data Settlement Letter as it may be from scammers trying to deceive you.

Horizon settlement scam
Scammers are impersonating the Horizon company by emailing people and asking for their personal information.

You need to analyze a few things to identify whether the Data Settlement letter is a scam.

When you read scam letters or emails, you can notice some amount of money is always mentioned.

Scammers are well-known for the fact that people are quick to respond if it’s a matter of free money.

Besides, you can also notice some urgency in the letter that gives you some deadline to provide what they are asking for.

identity theft
Data breaches lead to identity theft, and you could suffer financial loss and other harm.

You can easily determine if the Settlement letter is a scam by looking for verifiable information like contact details and the official website.

If the Horizon settlement letter is from a verified source, it will give you all the necessary details and be transparent.

You can check the settlement process, payout calculation, and eligibility for the offer if it is from a verified source.

The Bottom Line

Many people get into the Horizon Data Settlement scam and give their personal information to the scammers.

Hence, this will lead to identity theft, and you could be at a financial loss as well as other harms.

So, even if the Horizon Data Settlement seems tempting, you must analyze and verify whether the letter is from the verified source.

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