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Hazbin Hotel: Is Alastor Stronger Than Lucifer?

Most of the viewers are raising the question, “Is Alastor stronger than Lucifer?” in various communities and forums.

Lucifer And Alastor are the characters from the Hazbin Hotel and both of them play a significant role in the series storyline.

Similarly, Vivziepop and Fautisse, creators of the Hazbin Hotel believe that Lucifer is stronger than the Alastor as he is the king of Hell.

Continue reading to learn more about who is stronger: Alastor Or Lucifer?

Lucifer: The Fallen Angel Of Heaven

Lucifer Morningstar is not just any mere demon, he is the fallen angel and possesses different abilities and skill sets.

Similarly, Lucifer Morningstar is the overarching protagonist of the Hazbin Hotel and has a great influence on the series.

Lucifer Morningstar is the king of hell and he reigns over the demons over there to control the Hell activities.

Likewise, he is also known as the Ruler of the Pride Ring and the Sin Of Pride, making him a great warrior.

Lucifer Morningstar In Hazbin Hotel
Lucifer Morningstar is the fallen angel and the king of the Hell.

Lucifer Morningstar is also the founder of the Lu Lu World and is believed to be older than the age of the Earth.

In Hazbin Hotel, viewers can spot Lucifer by various nicknames such as King Of Hell, Sir, Lu Lu, The Ultimate Badboy, etc.

As the father of Charlie Morningstar and the husband of Lilith, Lucifer Morningstar holds extreme power and dominates over Hell.

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Alastor Altruist: The Radio Demon

Alastor Altruist is also one of the characters from the Hazbin Hotel and is known as the Radio Demon.

During his radio hosting phase, he was given the nickname “Radio Demon” for being an extremely powerful Overlord

Similarly, Alastor Alrisut is a demon with a wicked personality and viewers can witness his dual persona in the series.

Alastor Altruist In Hazbin Hotel
Alastor Altruist is one of the protagonists of Hazbin Hotel.

Despite being the charming character in Hazbin Hotel, Alastor sometimes can be evil thriving in chaos.

Dont Let the Radio demon fool you for a softie as he is sneaky and loves causing trouble.

Subsequently, in Hazbin Hotel, viewers can witness that he offers his assistance to Charlie Morningstar, making him look like a good character.

However, he is only doing it for his entertainment which proves that the Alastor Altruist has a selfish nature.

Alastor vs Lucifer: Who Is More Powerful?

Since both Lucifer and Alastor dislike each other, most viewers have the question: Who is more Powerful In Hell?

According to the reports from Vivziepop and Faustisse, the creators of Hazbin Hotel, Lucifer Morningstar is stronger than Alastor.

Since Lucifer Morningstar was once an angel, it is obvious that he possesses far greater power than the demons.

Besides, Lucifer Morningstar is the king of Hell and has complete control over the demons inside it.

He dominates over the extremely dangerous entities in hell displaying his superiority in terms of strength.

Moreover, Lucifer’s got the whole Hell under his thumb, and he is not afraid to show it.

When it comes to Charlie, he has a fierce dad instinct and he is overprotective towards her.

On the other hand, while Alastor possesses a significant level of power, his power fades in comparison to Lucifer’s.

Alastor is a master in manipulating his tactics however he lacks the authority to challenge Lucifer.

His actions are driven by amusement rather than a desire for true power, so he cannot win against the  Lucifer Morningstar.

Why Does Alastor Hate Lucifer?

The relationship between Alastor and Lucifer is complex and both of them dislike each other.

Similarly, their dynamics are full of tension and rivalries, and both of them don’t want to get near each other.

Alastor kind of hates Lucifer and he doesn’t want to get along with him because he thinks that Lucifer is super protective Dad.

Since Lucifer is protective of her daughter, Charlie Morningstar, it is difficult for Alastor to be close to Charlie.

Alastor wants to establish himself as a significant figure in Charlie’s life however, Lucifer’s fierce protection creates a barrier for him.

Subsequently, Alastor sees Lucifer as a hindrance to his mastermind, not allowing him to get near Charlie.

Due to his reason, Alastor does not like Lucifer and might probably secretly hate him.

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