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Is Hotel Hazbin Casting Jason Statham?

Hotel Hazbin is one of the adult animated musical comedy series that showcases classic dark humour comedy.

It is captivating audiences with its unique premise, vibrant characters, and distinctive animation style.

Some viewers of Hotel Hazbin state that this TV series has got Jason Statham in it. Looking at the recently launched Trailer, it appears that there is no involvement of him in Hotel Hazbin. Moreover, there is an absence of official credit from the production team.
Continue reading to learn more about the Jason Statham in Hazbin Hotel.

Who Is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham is an English actor and film producer known for his roles in action films and thrillers.

He was born on July 26, 1967, in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England.

Jason Statham a leading actor on flim industry
Jason Statham is one of the leading actors in the film industry.

Before entering the acting world, Statham had a successful career as a competitive diver and a model.

He gained widespread recognition for playing his role in “The Transporter” which drove him to international fame.

Moreover, his contribution to movies like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels directed by Guy Ritchie, established him as a leading action star.

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Is There Jason Statham On Hazbin Hotel?

Some viewers on social media report that Jason Statham is being featured in the Hazbin Hotel TV series 2024.

Moreover, fans claim that Jason Statham has lent his voice to a new TV series “Hazbin Hotel”.

Hence, the involvement of Jason Statham in an animated series would represent a significant departure from the actor’s usual action-packed, live-action roles.

Twitter/X discussion about participation of Jason on Hazbin Hotel
Twitter/X discussion about participation of Jason in the Hazbin Hotel.

Unfortunately, looking at the recently launched Hazbin Hotel trailer, we can see that Jason Statham has no involvement in the series.

Furthermore, you can see the absence of Statham’s name in the featuring cast section.

The absence of an official credit has given rise to various questions about the accuracy of the initial fan claims.

Moreover, there has been no official confirmation from either the actor or the production team of the TV series.

Hazbin Hotel TV Series: Voice Actors

Unveiling the main cast through the captivating trailer, “Hazbin Hotel” has firmly secured its place and fans are eager to watch it.

However, some of the main voice actors featuring different roles are mentioned below.

  1. Erika Henningsen as Princess Charlie Morningstar
  2. Stephanie Beatriz as Vaggie
  3. Blake Roman as Angel Dust and The Egg Boiz.
  4. Amir Talai as Alastor
  5. Alex Brightman as Sir Pentious and Adam.
  6. Kimiko Glenn as Niffty
  7. Keith David as Husk

Moreover, Christian Borle and Joel Perez are also joining the cast as notable demons of Hell Vox and Valentino.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the absence of an official credit in the featuring cast section remains a notable point of discussion.

As the latest trailer has been unleashed, it is creating a buzz among viewers all over the internet.

Be patient and wait for the official release to uncover the reality of Jason Statham in the series.

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