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Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 7 Spoilers: Jimmy Cheats On Chelsea With Jess?

Netflix’s show Love is Blind fans are excited to get their first hands-on Season 6 Episode 7 spoiler.

All the contestants of Love is Blind meet each other in a beach hut in “Feeling Uncomfy” titled Episode 6 of Season 6.

The episode ends with Jimmy and Chelsea having a heated argument in their hotel room.

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Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 6: Feeling Uncomfy Recap

Five couples remain in the show, after a dramatic turn takes place in AD and Clay’s relationship, ending the love triangle with Matthew.

Furthermore, the fans were already convinced before Season 6 aired that Matthew would turn out to be the villain of the show.

Jimmy and Chelsea burst into a heated argument following the incident on the beach.

Wherein, Jimmy calls AD stacked and Chelsea feels more insecure about herself than she already is.

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Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 7 Spoilers: The Drama 

Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship began after Chelsea catfished Jimmy.

Since, Chelsea said she looked like Megan Fox initially, and Jimmy believed that to be true.

Jimmy And Chelsea Season 6 Episode 7 Spoiler
Jimmy and Chelsea burst into a heated argument after an evening on the beach.

In the heated argument in Episode 6, Jimmy argues that he believes that their relationship was secure enough for him to hang out with other women.

Chelsea is seen arguing about her feelings getting hurt and Jimmy didn’t give her more time on the beach and that he ignored her.

Love Is Blind Season 6 Episode 7: Spoilers and What Will Happen?

The upcoming episode, Episode 7 of Season 6 explores if emotional bonds surpass physical attraction on the Netflix show.

Participants, foregoing speculation, now embark on their journey, embracing risks for their relationship’s fate by the season’s end.

Discover the latest on all the couples in Love is Blind Season 6 Episode 7 spoiler:

Jimmy And Chelsea: Jess And Trevor

Despite their heated argument, Jimmy and Chelsea will temporarily reconcile until Jess and Trevor enter the show, potentially stirring up further drama.

It is inevitable that they will break up in the upcoming episode.

AD And Clay: On And Off Relationship

Clay hesitates to commit to a monogamous relationship and attempts to postpone discussions about marriage.

Later, AD declares that she has never felt so certain about her relationship with Clay, believing that he is the one she is destined to be with.

Despite those, the couple is likely break up in the coming episode with major differences among them.

Johnny And Amy: Children Issues?

Being one of the strongest couples in the show Johnny and Amy haven’t had to face as many obstacles in the show as other couples have.

However, Children pose a concern; Johnny fears Amy’s accidental pregnancy.

Johnny will finally take the children issue in and understand Amy’s concern and will be on the same road as her.

Jeramey And Laura

Jeramey insists that Laura was the one who could put him in the spot but he does want to meet Sarah Ann.

Conflicts arise between the two after Jeramey stayed the night until 5 AM with Sarah Ann.

Kenneth And Brittany

Brittany tells Kenneth that he has been acting cold towards her since their return from the Dominican Republic.

Kenneth is seen on his phone – is it his parents on the phone telling him to cut his relationship off with Brittany?

Love is Blind Season 6 Episode 7 will air on February 21st at 8:00 AM Pacific Time(PT) on Netflix.

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