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Will Lute And Adam Die In Hazbin Hotel? Spoilers Ahead

If you are a fan of Hazbin Hotel then you might be wondering about what fate Lute and Adam will have in the series.

However, the fate of Lute and Adam will be revealed in the final episode of Hazbin Hotel.

Furthermore, in the final episode, Adam dies as Nifty stabs him and Lute escapes from the battle against Vaggie.

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Who Are Lute And Adam?

Lute and Adam are the main antagonists of Hazbin Hotel season one.

They are former angels who fell from grace and became exterminators, ruthless killers who work for Heaven.

Furthermore, they slaughter demons during the annual event known as Extermination Day.

Lute and Adam are also lovers, having been married twice in Heaven before their fall.

They are both sadistic, arrogant, and vengeful, enjoying their job and showing no mercy to their victims.

Lute and Adam first appear in episode six, where they confront Charlie and her friends at the hotel.

Lute and Adam
Lute and Adam are the main antagonists and former angels in Hazbin Hotel.

They reveal that they know Charlie’s plan to redeem sinners and that they will target her hotel during the next extermination.

They also reveal that Charlie’s girlfriend, Vaggie, used to be an exterminator before she betrayed them and spared their lives.

Lute and Adam mock Charlie and Vaggie for their naive and futile efforts and warn them that they will soon face their wrath.

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Fate Of Lute And Adam In Hazbin Hotel

The fate of Lute and Adam is revealed in the eighth and final episode of season one, titled “The Show Must Go On”.

In this episode, Charlie and her friends prepare for the impending extermination, while also enjoying their last moments together.

Charlie recruits some allies from Cannibal Town, while Vaggie learns from Carmilla that angels can be killed with their weapons.

As the extermination begins, Lute and Adam lead the attack, breaking through the shield that protects the hotel.

They are met with resistance from Charlie and her friends, who fight back with courage and determination.

Lute and Adam face several opponents, such as Alastor, Sir Pentious, the eccentric inventor, and Lucifer, Charlie’s father.

Lute and Adam face Lucifer

However, they manage to overcome them and reach the hotel, where they confront Charlie and Vaggie.

The final showdown between Lute, Adam, Charlie, and Vaggie is intense and emotional.

Charlie and Vaggie manage to defeat Lute and Adam, but not without casualties.

Lute is trapped under a pile of rubble, while Adam is stabbed to death by Nifty, one of Charlie’s friends.

Lute calls off the other exterminators and retreats, while Charlie and Vaggie mourn their friends’ loss and their hotel’s destruction.

However, the episode ends with a glimmer of hope, as Charlie and her friends rebuild the hotel and vow to continue their mission.

On the other hand, Lute is seen approaching Lilith, Charlie’s mother, and Lucifer’s wife, who lives in Heaven.

Lute tells Lilith that if she wants to stay in Heaven, she has to stop her daughter.

This creates a possible conflict for season two, where Lute and Lilith may become the new villains.

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