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The Cause Behind The Stanley Cup Controversy

2024 has become a year of controversy for hydration cups as the Stanley Cup is in the spotlight now.

People recently got over the Starbucks holiday cup hype, just to discover the latest Stanley Cup hype.

The Stanley Cup controversy arose when a user on Instagram removed and laminated the cup’s label and glued it again to protect it from damage. Because of this, people are enraged on the internet as many of them find this very stupid.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Stanley Cup controversy in 2024.

What Is The Stanley Cup?

Stanley Cup is a popular drinkware that was released during the New Year of 2024.

Specifically, the product’s name is Quencher H2.0 Tumbler, a winter-exclusive release.

Soon, it became the most sought-after holiday gift of the month as it accumulated the most searched results.

The stanley cup
The exclusive Stanley Cup Quencher H2.0 Tumbler.

The Stanley cup was sold for the price of 45$ at Target which was quite expensive for a water cup.

However, it started selling out from every outlet, forcing Target to put a buy limit of two per person.

The product was pretty basic as it only had a cup handle and a built-in straw.

However, this product’s sudden popularity boom confused the people of the United States.

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The Stanley Cup Tumbler Controversy

The rise in popularity of this product soon started getting out of hand in the USA.

Specifically, Gen Z kids were the prime target of this product as they started bringing them to schools.

They believed that bringing an expensive product into the school would make them stand out from the rest.

the stanley cup tumbler controversy
The start of the Stanley Cup Tumbler controversy started with this post.

However, the product peaked when a user even removed the cup’s label to laminate it on their Instagram Reel Post.

Additionally, the user pointed out that they did it to protect the cute label from water damage.

This post sent the internet into a rage because they found the entire story very stupid.

People even started to create a discussion thread to criticize Gen Z kids for this behavior.

Why Is The Stanley Cup On The Hype?

The exact reason why the Stanly Cup is hyped is unknown as everything happened so randomly.

However, some Redditors have mentioned the clever marketing strategy in the discussion thread.

This is because the company’s current president was a marketing leader for Crocs in 2010.

Therefore, they started targeting celebrities instead of common people by releasing slick product designs.

Soon enough, Gen Z fans wanted to copy their celebrity idols to imitate them online.

As a result, the product listed for $ 40$ was re-selling for up to 200$.

The Bottom Line

The recent Stanley Cup controversy shares a common theme with some similar products of the past.

Therefore, it is nothing but a short-lived topic until people find the next big thing to hype up.

Hence, users on the internet should remain calm as this topic has already started to lose momentum.

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