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What Are The Spoilers On The Challenge Season 40?

People are excited to know about the spoilers of season 40 coming in The Challenge TV series on MTV.

The Challenge is a reality TV show in which contestants compete with each other by taking various adventures and tasks.

As of now, there is no official announcement for Season 40 of The Challenge. However, some rumors from the participants of the Challenge hint it will feature some big and well-known names. 

Continue reading to find out more spoilers for season 40 of the Challenge.

When Is Season 40 Of The Challenge Coming?

The Challenge is a reality TV show that has gained much popularity in recent seasons.

Furthermore, the reality TV show has a total of 39 seasons as of now and has already gained a 7.9 rating out of 10 among its viewers.

Season 39 of the Challenge made a great impression on the viewers which is why people are eagerly waiting for season 40.

However, season 40 of the Challenge has not been officially announced by the makers.

The Challenge MTV
After the completion of the Battle for a New Champion in season 39, fans are eagerly waiting for season 40 of The Challenge.

Currently, there is no specific date for the release of Season 40 from MTV.

Many people are also concerned about whether season 40 is canceled for the Challenge.

Nevertheless, there is no official announcement for the end of the season for the challenge.

However, according to the rumors and hints from the Challenge’s old participants, season 40 is indeed coming.

Additionally, it will bring some famous and fan favorites back into the game in Season 40.

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Spoilers On The Cast Members Of The Season 40

The upcoming season 40 of the Challenge TV series makes people curious and excited.

People are guessing who might be in the cast, sharing rumors, and trying to figure out the season’s theme.

The production house won’t start filming the season 40 until March, so there is no official cast list until it’s closer to that time.

However, a few spoilers of cast members may be part of Season 40.

Hence, it is all about early speculation and a bit of a guessing game right now.

Some of the possible cast members that you may see in Season 40 of the Challenge are as follows:

  • Devin Walker (Are you the one)
  • Kyland Young (Big Brother)
  • Michelle Fitzgerald (Survivor)
  • Victoria Tori Deal Dehel (Are You The One)
  • Jay Starrett
  • Paulie Calafiore
  • Faysal Fessy Shafaat
  • Josh Martinez

However, there is no 100% confirmation for these cast members until they come before the TJ.

In addition, the other spoilers for season 40 are that you will not be seeing some of your favorite characters like:

  • Alicia Wright (The Real World: San Diego)
  • Ashley Kelsey (The Real World: San Diego)
  • Bayleigh Dayton (Big Brother)
  • Brianna Lacuesta (Are You the One)
  • Britni Thornton (Are You the One?)
  • Camila Nakawaga (Spring Break Challenge)
  • Coral Smith (The Real World: New York)
  • Evelyn Smith (The Challenge: Fresh Meat)
  • Jemmye Carroll (The Real World: New Orleans)

Many people are also wondering if Season 40 is the Final season for The Challenge.

However, season 40 is not the finalist season, which is one of the spoilers for the series.

All The Spoilers On The Challenge Season 40

Season 40 is getting ready and coming back with some favorite players after fans weren’t happy with Season 39.

Season 39, which was the battle for new champions, received backlash from the viewers as they focused only on new winners.

Due to this, the fan’s favorite old participants of the reality show did not get the chance to play.

As a spoiler, for now, you will be seeing your favorite old participants in season 40 of The Challenge.

Furthermore, MTV wants to make fans happy by bringing back popular players from previous seasons.

According to some reports, MTV contacted the iconic past winners and asked them to be part of season 40.

Thus, you can expect big names in season 40 like Michele Fitzgerald, Jay Starrett, Paulie Calafiore, Faysal Fessy Shafaat, and Josh Martinez.

Season 40 spoilers
Get ready to see some of your old champions in season 40 of The Challenge according to the hint from the former winner of season 39.

The spoiler of MTV contacting the past winners came to light after Zach Nichols a former winner hinted the big names are in the loop for season 40.

Thus, Season 40 might have an all-star lineup of past winners and finalists, but the official cast members remain unknown.

There is no more information about season 40 as MTV is trying its best to hide its plans for the new season.

Some people think Season 40 could be the last one on MTV, and the show might move to CBS.

The Bottom Line

There is a high chance for these spoilers to come true during the official launch of Season 40.

Hence, if the rumors are true, fans will love Season 40 as it will be special with memorable players.

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