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Vinny Vinesauce: Is He Banned Again From Twitch?

Vinny Vinesauce, one of the most popular online creators getting banned from Twitch news is all over the internet.

Moreover, he is the founder of Vinesauce and the vocalist and lead guitarist of Red Vox.

Recently, Vinny Vinesauce posted on Twitter mentioning that he got Banned from Twitch for an animation video made by one of the chat members. This animation is based on a scenario generated by a game Vinny played 4 years ago to celebrate the creation of Champ the Slime Girl.

Continue reading more to know the reason for Vinny Vinesauce getting a ban from Twitch.

Who Is Vinny Vinesauce?

Vinny Vinesauce also known as Vinny, is an online streamer and is famous for his contributions to the Vinesauce streaming group.

Moreover, he broadcasts live gameplay sessions and is popular for his interactive engagement with his audience during his streams.

He actively engages with his audience, responding to comments and even incorporating viewer suggestions into his gaming sessions.

Unfortunately, he was banned from Twitch for streaming nudity, the stream violated Twitch’s terms of service.

Hence, this popular Twitch star has been banned for accidentally streaming footage of a giant nude woman.

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Is Vinny Vinesauce Banned Again?

Vinny Vinesauce is banned again from Twitch for posting a video that violates the guidelines of Twitch.

Furthermore, he played the animation video created by the chat members in his Twitch streams which had inappropriate content.

A viewer made this animation based on a scenario generated by a game he played 4 years ago.

Vinny Vinesauce,talking about Twitch banning him
Vinny Vinesauce, talking about Twitch banning him for days.

This animation was made to celebrate the creation of Champ the Slime Girl on 31st December 2019 during Vinny’s AI Dungeon 2 streams.

Hence, the reason for Vinny Vinesauce Ban was an animation video from 4 years ago.

As this is for second time, Vinny Vinesauce was aware of such things and must not use such content that could ban him.

How long has Vinesauce been banned?

According to Vinesauce, being prohibited from Twitch for an animated video has put him in shock and confusion.

Hence, he mentions that the ban is shocking and the Twitch rules are changing so fast that he has no idea what you can do anymore.

At first, he was not able to use Twitch for 7 days. However, after appealing to Twitch they reduced it to 3 days.

Vinny Vinesauce appeal to Twitch.
Vinny Vinesauce believes this is unintentional and making an appeal to Twitch.

Vinny Vinesauce fans have been vocal on different online platforms like X/Twitter and YouTube and expressing their disappointments towards Twitch.

Some fans proclaimed that Twitch is enforcing strict guidelines and have shared their frustrations in comment sections and on Reddit.

However, Twitch streamers must be careful when streaming and familiarize themself with Twitch’s Community Guidelines thoroughly.

The Bottom Line

Vinny Vinesauce the popular online streamer has recently faced a ban from Twitch.

However, fans are posting on this topic seeking clarification from the platform on the reasons behind the decision.

Being a responsible online streamer comes with various advantages that contribute to a positive and sustainable streaming career.

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