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When Does Jess Go Home On The Bachelor?

The Bachelor viewers are wondering when does Jess go home as she was involved in several conflicts and drama.

Jess Edwards was one of the 30 women who competed for Joey Graziadei’s heart on The Bachelor Season 28.

However, she also became one of this season’s most disliked and controversial contestants.

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Jess Vs. Maria: Rocked The Bachelor Mansion

Jess and Maria fought from the very first night.

She interrupted Maria’s conversation with Joey twice, earning her the nickname “Jess the Mess” from Maria.

Significantly, Jess accused Maria of being fake and manipulative and tried to sabotage her relationship with Joey.

jess the bachelor
Jess was a 25-year-old marketing manager from Los Angeles.

The two women had several heated arguments and got into a physical fight.

As a result, both of them were sent to the hospital.

The feud between Jess and Maria was one of the main sources of drama and tension in The Bachelor Season 28.

The other women often had to choose sides or intervene in their fights, which created more drama and resentment.

Joey also had to deal with the fallout of their conflict.

Further, he had to balance his feelings for both women and try to keep the peace in the house.

Jess And Joey: A Romance That Never Took Off

Jess also had a rocky relationship with Joey. However, she struggled to make a connection with him.

Further, she often complained about his lack of attention and validation.

Jess had no one-on-one dates with Joey and only went on five group dates with him.

She also made some questionable choices, such as wearing a wedding dress on the first night, kissing

Joey in front of the other women, and telling him that she loved him after only a few weeks.

joey bachelor
Jess also had a rocky relationship with Joey.

Jess’s relationship with Joey never progressed beyond the superficial level, as they lacked chemistry and compatibility.

Joey also seemed to be more interested in other women to whom he gave more time and attention.

Jess often felt insecure and jealous and tried to get Joey’s attention by being aggressive and dramatic, which backfired on her.

Jess Goes Home Without A Rose

Jess’s journey on The Bachelor ended in Week 6, after a group date in Canada.

Joey decided to send her home during the nighttime portion of the date for reasons that are not clear yet.

Some speculated that her aggressive and confrontational behavior turned him off.

Meanwhile, others suggested that he had stronger feelings for other women.

Jess was visibly upset and angry and refused to hug Joey or say goodbye to the other women.

She also criticized Joey in her exit interview, calling him a creep and a liar.

the bachelor
Joey seemed to be more interested in other women.

Jess’s exit was one of the most shocking and dramatic moments of The Bachelor Season 28, as she left without a rose or closure.

She also left a lot of unanswered questions and unresolved issues.

This includes why Joey sent her home, what really happened between her and Maria, and how she felt about the whole experience.

Jess did not hold back her emotions or opinions and made sure to let everyone know how she felt.

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