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Who Dies In Hazbin Hotel Season 1? Sir Pentious In Heaven

With the veil of suspense finally lifted, viewers now have the answers they’ve been eagerly waiting for: “Who Dies In Hazbin Hotel Season 1”.

However, in the recently released episode 8 of Hazbin Hotel, players can witness some heart-wrenching moments.

The fight between the Angels and the demons will take out Sir Pentious, facing the full force of the angelic onslaught.

Continue reading to learn more about the Hazbin Hotel Season 1 and know who dies in this season.

End Of Hazbin Hotel Season 1

Hazbin Hotel presents the classic dark humour comedy and is one of the popular series in its genre.

This most popular animated comedy series features Chadie Morningstar as the main protagonist.

The main objective of Charlie Morningstar is to give demons a chance at redemption, to co-exist with angels.

Moreover, the dark humour of the Hazbin Hotel revolves around Chadie Morningstar and her actions.

External forces in Episode 8 disrupt the fragile peace of the hotel
External forces in Episode 8 disrupt the fragile peace of the hotel.

However, the curtain has fallen on the first season of “Hazbin Hotel,” and the final two episodes, are now available on Prime Video.

The eighth and final episode of Hazbin Hotel Season 1  called “The Show Must Go On” opens with the hotel crew preparing for battle.

The first season of “Hazbin Hotel” has concluded, leaving viewers astounded and eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

It has served as both a satisfying conclusion and a thrilling setup for the anticipated second season.

However, Hazbin Hotel has left an indelible mark on its audience and has captivated audiences worldwide.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the next chaotic and entertaining chapter in the journey of Charlie, Vaggie, and the rest of the Hellish inhabitants.

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Who Meets Their Demise In Hazbin Hotel Season 1?

As “Hazbin Hotel” hurtles towards its climactic finale, the penultimate episode unveils a pivotal chapter in the narrative.

Episode 7 “Hello, Rosie!” deals with the immediate aftermath of Episode 6 where Adam and Lute tell Charlie that they will be targeting her hotel.

However,  no one dies and only the conversation of the impending extermination is made.

Contrarily, in Episode 8 Charlie and Vaggie prepare Hell for the fight against the angels.

This all starts when Alistor reveals a secret that the angels in Hazbin Hotel can be killed too.

Upon fighting, all the army they recruit from the cannibal town fights bravely when the angels come down to Hell.

While fighting Adam emerges as a formidable adversary, he nearly kills the Alistor, the Radio Demon.

Fans can witness the Sir Pentious fighting with Adam in Hazbin Hotel The Show Must Go On
Fans can witness Sir Pentious fighting with Adam in Hazbin Hotel The Show Must Go On.

Seeing all this, Sir Pentious realizes that Adam is the biggest risk to his friends and decides to try to take him out.

Sir Pentious throws caution to the wind and decides to take matters into his own hands.

In a shocking turn of events, Adam effortlessly counters Sir Pentious’ and takes Pentious out displaying the otherworldly magic.

However, Sir Pentious’s attempt to take out Adam results in a shocking confrontation.

Did Sir Pentious Go to Heaven?

Sir Pentious is a former sinner demon and a former antagonist, who met his end on Earth because his gall bladder exploded.

Pentious serves as a recurring antagonist in Hazbin Hotel Season 1.

However, after Sir Pentious’s demise in the Hazbin hotel, his friend honours him by singing a song.

Sir Pentious In Heaven
Angel Sir Pentious In Heaven.

Hence, Sir Pentious, the antagonist is the one who dies in the Hazbin Hotel Season 1.

At the end of the episode, we can see Sir Pentious suddenly appearing in Heaven.

However, after he sacrificed himself for his friends in Episode 8, Sir Pentious was reborn as an angel and transported to Heaven.

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