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Wilbur Soot Cancelled: Response And Shubble Allegations

Fans have eagerly wanted to know if Wilbur Soot will get cancelled after the allegations from Shelby Shubble.

Furthermore, after the allegations from Shelby Shubble, Wilbur Soot responded on X, February 27 to address the situation.

Moreover, Wilbur Soot apologized in his response to bad behavior but also denied some of the allegations.

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Wilbur Soot Controversy: What Happened?

Wilbur Soot, a British content creator, gained fame through his Minecraft-related content.

Likewise, he also participated in the Dream SMP alongside other prominent creators like GeorgeNotFound and TommyInnit.

He has a significant presence on YouTube with around 6.12 million subscribers and 4.8 million followers on Twitch.

However, his recent allegations with his ex-girlfriend Shelby Shubble have put his reputation at risk.

Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot and his ex-girlfriend, Shelby Shubble

Shelby Shubble Allegations

Shelby Shubble hosted a stream titled “Talking about something more serious” on February 21.

In this stream, she revealed her experience while dating an anonymous British former partner.

Although she didn’t directly name Wilbur Soot, many assumed he was the subject of her allegations.

According to Shelby, the unnamed partner initially bit her as a sign of affection.

Shelby Shubble
Shelby Shubble hosted a stream about her experience with Wilbur Soot.

However, this behavior escalated to the point where she was allegedly “covered in bruises” all over her arms.

She also mentioned that he would poke at these bruises despite her pain, even showing them off to friends.

The couple had even established a “safe word” to manage Wilbur’s biting tendencies, but its frequent use became concerning.

Shelby described her experience:

His biting escalated to a point where I was covered in bruises all over my arms. And they hurt, and he would poke at them for fun. And he even felt so comfortable showing off my bruises that he had caused to our friends because he would bite me so hard by accident.

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Wilbur Soot’s Response

After the allegations spread across the online streaming community, Wilbur Soot personally addressed the situation on X.

On February 27, 2024, he issued an apology, confirming that he was the unnamed perpetrator.

He acknowledged his past behavior during the last few months of their relationship, admitting to being “slobbish, disrespectful, and selfish.”

Wilbur Soot response
Wilbur Soot responded with an apology on X.

In regards to the bites, he claimed they were consensual and reciprocal.

Wilbur chose not to publish personal messages out of respect for Shelby, but he extended his sincerest apologies for any pain he caused.

Furthermore, he has also sought therapy to address his harmful behaviors and made significant lifestyle changes.

Fan’s Reaction To The Allegations

Some fans criticized Wilbur’s statement, accusing him of downplaying the severity of the situation.

According to some, it seemed as if he was more concerned about public discussion than with Shubble’s well-being.

Despite his apology, Shubble responded on X, stating that she did not accept his apology and needed some time away from social media.

Several fans have expressed their opinions in the online discussion, which has triggered a heated debate.

It is important to address abuse allegations responsibly, as many people are looking at both sides of the story.

However, after all this controversy and allegations against Wilbur Soot, it hasn’t been taken to legal action.

Since the fans have been divided by these allegations, most believe that he will get cancelled.

Furthermore, he hasn’t been officially cancelled as of the writing of this article but he may be in the future.

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