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About Us

The Nature Hero website is a versatile resource hub, catering to tech enthusiasts, remote workers, and avid gamers. It’s a go-to destination for solutions and guidance in various fields.

For tech-savvys, the website offers valuable insights and step-by-step troubleshooting guides to resolve technical issues efficiently.

Gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat as the website offers detailed walkthrough guides for various games.

Whether it’s mastering the intricacies of a complex RPG or uncovering the secrets of an open-world adventure, gamers will find comprehensive assistance to enhance their gaming experiences.

Additionally, the website helps remote workers create functional and ergonomic home office spaces for optimized comfort and productivity.

The Nature Hero website is a one-stop solution for tech issues, gaming insights, and workspace optimization, serving a diverse audience.

Who Is Deepika Adhikari?

Deepika Adhikari
I am Deepika Adhikari, the founder of The Nature Hero.

Deepika Adhikari is the founder of The Nature Hero and a remote worker who has been working from home for more than five years. 

Deepika’s journey into the world of blogging and remote work is a captivating story of turning a passion into a profession. From the very beginning, Deepika was drawn to the idea of sharing her thoughts and experiences with the world through the power of words.

She embarked on her blogging journey as a simple interest, never realizing how it would change her life. Her fascination with working from home jobs and her dedication to honing her writing skills led her to explore opportunities in remote work.

Deepika quickly adapted to the remote work lifestyle, finding it the perfect avenue to blend her love for writing and her desire for flexibility.

However, what truly sets Deepika apart is her unbridled enthusiasm for gaming, particularly in the realm of RPG games. This passion became the cornerstone of her online presence. Her website isn’t just another blog; it’s a haven for RPG enthusiasts and individuals seeking guidance on making remote work work for them.

Through her website, Deepika shares in-depth reviews, strategies, and tips for RPG games, as well as valuable insights into the world of working from home.

Her dedication to these two passions shines through in every word she writes, making her website a go-to resource for gamers and remote workers alike.

Join Deepika on her journey, where passion meets profession, and discover the magic of RPG gaming and the art of successful remote work.

Work from home setup
Here is my work-from-home setup

Furthermore, She will help you create the ideal workspace for working comfortably and productively, whether you’re studying or working from home.

Team Behind The Nature Hero

The team behind comprises a diverse group of gamers and tech-savvy individuals.

Our shared dedication to the gaming world and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional content brings us together as a tight-knit community.

Get to know the passionate gamers and tech experts behind

Sangita Budathoki – Content Editor

Sangita Budathoki is a dedicated gamer and seasoned writer whose passion for gaming knows no bounds. With an extensive gaming library and years of experience in the industry, Sangita brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our gaming community.

Sujita Sunam- Content Writer

Sujita Sunam is a passionate gamer and wordsmith who has merged two of her greatest loves – gaming and writing. With an extensive collection of virtual adventures under her belt, Sujita brings a wealth of gaming expertise to our readers.

Anish Koirala – Content Writer

Anish Koirala is a prolific writer known for his insightful and engaging articles on the gaming website. With a passion for gaming and a knack for storytelling, he consistently delivers in-depth reviews, industry analysis, and captivating narratives that resonate with gamers of all backgrounds.

What Do We Write In “The Nature Hero?”


Our website is dedicated to providing a comprehensive resource for gaming enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals alike. We specialize in covering main areas: Role-Playing Games, Artificial Intelligence, Productivity Apps, Tech Tips and Home Office Guides.

In the realm of gaming, we focus on recent releases and classics, offering in-depth gaming walkthrough guides for popular titles like Baldur’s Gate, Remnant, Minecraft, Starfield, and many more.

Our mission is to help gamers excel by providing them with strategies, tips, and insights into these exciting virtual worlds.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology.

Our website offers comprehensive coverage of artificial intelligence, from its history to the future possibilities it holds. We even highlight the best AI games available for those who appreciate the synergy between gaming and AI.

For productivity enthusiasts, we delve into the world of apps that enhance efficiency and effectiveness. We keep our readers informed about the latest productivity app releases, ensuring they can harness the full potential of their devices for both work and play.

The Nature Hero Team
Team Behind The Nature Hero’s Success

Furthermore, we closely monitor the gaming industry by reporting current news related to game bugs and patches.

Meanwhile, Our Tech Guide section offers valuable insights into causes and fixes for common tech issues and how-to guides to help users navigate the digital landscape more effectively.

Join us on our website, where we bring together the worlds of gaming, artificial intelligence, productivity apps, and technology news designed to empower and inform our readers.

Here are some topics that we focus on;

  • Home Office Set Up
  • Walkthrough Guide for RPG Games
  • Game Bugs and Patches
  • Spec Requirements for Games
  • News about upcoming Games
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Productivity Apps
  • Buying Guide for Furniture and Equipment Required for a Home Office
  • Solutions for Technical Issues (Software and Hardware)
  • Some Common Tips and Advice for Organizing Your WorkSpace
  • Tips for Increasing Productivity at Home

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