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Are Amazon Renewed Products Good? Pros & Cons

Many of us despise buying pre-owned or open-box Products, assuming they are already degraded.

In fact, they can be as good as the new Product, especially Amazon Renewed Products.

Amazon Renewed Products are high-quality items that are either refurbished, used, or open-box but still fully functional, certified, guaranteed, and listed usually at a lesser price than the original to attract shoppers.

But beware of telltale signs when shopping for renewed Products that may look suspicious.

Read further to find out whether Amazon Renewed Products make a good purchase.

What Does Amazon Renewed Product Mean?

Amazon Renewed is a program by that offers customers certified refurbished Products at discounted prices.

The Renewed Products may include repaired/refurbished, used, or open-box Products inspected and tested by qualified suppliers before listing on the website.

For example, anything from the Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256GB Unlocked to the used Oculus Quest 2 — 256 GB is sold through the Renewed program.

Therefore, it offers an excellent opportunity to save money on high-quality Products that are guaranteed to work like new ones.

are amazon renewed product good
Amazon’s refurbished Products are listed on a renewed’s landing page.

However, as previously mentioned, it must meet the minimum standard to be accepted, which is classified into four categories.

PremiumShows no signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches

Batteries capacity exceeds 90%

Backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee
ExcellentShows no signs of cosmetic damage visible from 12 inches

Batteries capacity exceeds 80%

Backed by 90-day guarantee
GoodShows minor imperfections from 12 inches

Batteries capacity exceeds 80%

Backed by 90-day guarantee
AcceptableScratches visible when holding the device 12 inches away

Batteries capacity exceeds 80%

Backed by 90-day guarantee

These Products are sold through Amazon’s certified refurbished page and are sometimes listed along with general searches.

But you need not worry because the product thumbnails are highlighted “renewed” to avoid making mistakes.

Did you know the Amazon Renewed program was launched in 2017 and has since expanded to include many Products, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, home appliances, and more?

Therefore, you will likely find brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and HP from local to global brands.

Are Amazon Renewed Products Good? (Pros/Cons)

Amazon Renewed fulfills its goal for the most part, but it is not always the only one handling testing, cleaning, or refurbishing the Products.

Sometimes, sellers may refurbish and test their Products before advertising, and the quality of their work may be unpredictable.

Therefore, you must be wary of this scamming and probe further.

Pros Of Buying Amazon Renewed Products

Here are some advantages of buying an Amazon Renewed Product;

1. Lower Price

Amazon Renewed Products are often priced lower than their brand-new counterparts, saving customers a significant amount of money, sometimes up to half the original price.

2. Quality Control

The renewed Products undergo a thorough inspection and testing process to ensure they meet Amazon’s quality standards before being sold, which assures quality.

3. Warranty

These Products come with a minimum 90-day supplier warranty on acceptable Products and one year warranty on premium Products, providing additional peace of mind.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Buying a refurbished product means customers are helping reduce waste by supporting sustainable practices, primarily electronic and plastic waste, that would account for environmental disasters.

5. Easily Available

It offers customers a chance to purchase older or discontinued Products that may no longer be available as new items, sometimes vintage items.

are amazon renewed product good
Amazon maintains different sections for each high-selling product

6. Same Performance

In most cases, Amazon Renewed Products perform the same as brand-new Products, especially premium Products.

7. Satisfaction Guarantee

Amazon Renewed Products are eligible for Amazon’s return and exchange policies.

Therefore, if customers are unsatisfied with their purchase, they can return it for a refund or exchange.

Cons Of Buying Amazon Renewed Products

As mentioned, this program is not free from flaws and possible scams.

You should know a few alarming things about Amazon’s Renewed Products.

Limited availabilityAmazon Renewed products may not be available for all product models and brands.
Cosmetic issuesSome renewed products may have minor cosmetic imperfections, such as scratches or dents, but these do not affect the product's functionality.
Age/LifespanRenewed products may be older models or technology, so they may not have all the latest features.
AccessoriesSome renewed products may not include all the original accessories that came with the new item.
Shorter warrantyThe warranty for Amazon Renewed products is typically shorter than the warranty for new items.
CompatibilityRenewed products may not be compatible with all the latest software or accessories.
Unknown history or sellerIt is not always clear why a product was returned or refurbished, so there may be some uncertainty about its history.

Should You Buy Amazon Renewed Products?

Buying from the Amazon Renewed program should be at your discretion.

You should consider all the factors before purchasing any Products to avoid the risk of getting scammed.

You need to know here before buying a renewed product, especially electronics.

1. Is It A Refurb Or Open-Box Return?

Refurb means a used product that has been repaired or spruced up, while open-box indicates a brand-new product without sealed packaging.

Refurbished, pre-owned, and reconditioned are sometimes used synonymously, so watch out for the word ‘open-box’ in the description.

2. Who Did The Refurbishing?

Although you may not know it, Amazon, the original manufacturer, or a third-party seller can refurbish the items before listing them on the website.

Therefore, you should look for “factory-certified” or similar terminology and significant warranty days to decide to buy any renewed product.

3. Does It Come With All The Stuff?

Electronics equipment, usually smartphones and laptops, come with accessories like chargers.

Check whether the said product comes with standard accessories.

4. Warranty Period

Premium Products may have a year, while good Products only have a 90-day warranty.

Choosing premium Products with a more extended warranty is always beneficial, so you can return them if you encounter issues later on.

5. Credit Card Warranty

You will likely pay through a credit card; hence, you should check whether your merchant extends warranty coverage, especially for refurbished Products.

Almost 87% of all cards cover extended warranties for refurbished Products, so keep this in mind.

6. Compare And Buy

It is not necessary that you must buy from the Amazon program because it is advertised as cheap.

You should always compare the refurbished product on different websites before deciding.

Sometimes, you may strike a stroke of luck and get a high-quality refurbished product at a lower price than Amazon.

How To Buy Amazon Renewed Products?

Here is the step-by-step guide to buying Amazon Renewed Products.

  1. Go to the Amazon website and search for the desired Product.
  2. Once you find the product, look for the “Renewed” label on the product listing to confirm that it is a renewed product. Otherwise, go directly to Amazon Renewed Product page.
  3. Review the product description to ensure that it meets your preferences.
  4. Check the seller’s rating and reviews to ensure a good reputation.
  5. Add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Confirm the product’s price, warranty, and return policy.
  6. Contact the seller or Amazon customer service for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about the product.
  7. Complete the checkout process by providing your shipping and payment information.
  8. Once your order is processed, the renewed product will be shipped with all the necessary accessories.
  9. Scrutinize the product upon receipt to ensure it meets your expectations and works appropriately.
  10. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within the specified return period for a refund or exchange.

The Bottom Line

Imagine how much you can save by becoming a thrifty and more intelligent shopper.

Trust me when I say nobody would dare call you cheap when you can save $400 on a refurbished laptop purchase!

Amazon Renewed Products can become saviors, especially if you frequently shop for electronics and other high-ticket items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Other Refurbished Sellers Like Amazon?

To compare refurbished Products, consider checking out great alternatives like BackMarket, Gazelle, eBay, and Decluttr.

What Should You Not Buy Refurbished?

Not always, but it is rather wise to avoid buying second-hand or previously used items like;

  • Headphones, earbuds, and mouthpieces touch your skin a lot.
  • Keyboards or mouse that is prone to early damage.
  • HDD solid-state drives cannot be reset to factory settings.

Is Amazon Renewed Products Reliable?

Most of the Amazon renewed Products are reliable and have a year-long or 90-day warranty.

Hence, you can replace or return them after testing for some time.

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