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What To Do With Old Chairs? 10 Ways To Reuse

While experimenting with different designs or upgrading your Office Chair, you may have many Old Chairs. The best solution for Old Chairs is to reuse them.

There are many things that you can do with Old Office Chairs. You can reuse the fabric/leather for future DIYs, donate, refurbish, or thrift these Chairs. You can also dismantle them, sell metal parts to a scrap dealer and use the wood for other projects.

Repurposing Old Office Chairs is super easy, and the ideas are endless.

Recently, I replaced screws and wheels on my Old Office Chair. It didn’t take much effort and required fancy tools.

Similarly, the Chairs that didn’t match my height or comfort have been sold or donated.

Continue reading the article to learn how to reuse your Old Office Chairs differently.

What To Do With Old Chairs? 10 Ways To Reuse

You might be at the right place if you are looking for an ideal way to reuse your Office Chairs. Stay tuned to learn more.

1. Make A Bed For Your Pet

One of the best things to do with an Old Office Chair is to make it a bed for your beloved pet. However, this is especially for your furry friends.

Cats and dogs like to stick with their owners. Your dog may occasionally sit next to you as you work or sleep on your lap.

Research suggests that dogs have a positive and strong response to the scent of a familiar person.

You can essentially hack down a Chair and make it into a cozy little nap spot for your pet.

It can be customized in countless ways, including painting, staining, and decorating. You can construct one of them with just a few hours of work.

Additionally, you can make one and donate it to nearby animal shelters. I bet they would absolutely love them too.

You might find some inspiration from this video if you have a wooden Chair.

2. Make An Ottoman

While working for long hours, your body starts to feel uneasy. Many people like to use an ottoman as a footrest for better comfort.

It allows you to rest your legs and relieves the pressure on your knees. Moreover, it helps people of all heights.

But did you know an Old Chair can be recycled to make one?

For this, you can cut the top part i.e, the backrest of an Old Chair. Then remove the padding and begin to redecorate according to your needs.

Now, you can pull a large fabric over the seat, leaving a few inches for seam allowance.

Staple and secure the fabric neatly which may take some time. Finally, add a hot glue dab to each staple for added strength.

Voila! Your ottoman is now complete.

This can also be used on revolving Chairs. Actually, they might be more useful for your Office since you can easily move them.

3. Make Bulletin Boards

Making a bulletin board out of Old Chair is pretty unique.

If you have a Chair with a padding backrest, you can cut it down and use your crafty skills to make bulletin boards.

You can use the wooden or metal board from these Old Chairs to create the base of the bulletin.

Furthermore, if can use the material/fabric on the Chair to act as the covering.

You may have to buy a foam panel for this purpose; however, if the Chair is in in good shape, you can also use the Chair’s own foam slabs.

dismantling and refurbishing
You can make a bulletin boards using an Old Office Chair.

Then, you can staple notes, posters, and other objects to these DIY billboards.

Hang them up in your Home Office or put them on your desk and decorate as you wish.

4. Use It As A Garden Shelf

A broken Chair can be turned into an outdoor shelf or a plant stand.

It is a great method to upcycle, and you can use it to showcase plants on your porch or store garden tools in the shed.

You can even build a makeshift roof on the top using recycled plastic and wood.

Because you just need the seat and back, this is the ideal option for Chairs with no legs. Repaint it and then sand it down to give it a worn appearance.

5. Refurbish Your Old Chair

Consider repairing your Chairs, if they have minor damage or breaking, using various methods.

This trick is extremely affordable, eco-friendly, and gives your Home Office a new vibe.

The finest aspect is that you may do the refinishing process on your own.

Here is an outline of the steps that you may use:

  • Painting your Office Chairs is the easiest way to refurbish them. It gives it a fresh look and allows it to be used with new pieces.
  • You may make a few changes to your Chair, such as replacing the cushion or adding a new pillow.
reuse old chairs
You can refurbish your Old Office Chair by adding pillow, cushions, footrest, backrest, headrest etc.
  • Replace the legs of your Chair with new ones that are of varying heights. You may also replace the wheels on your Chair.
  • If the Leather is cracking and peeling, you can cover the seat with new fabric. Then, use staples or glue to secure it down.

Not only that, you can add an external headrest and footrest to an Office Chair.

Continue reading to discover how to make your wooden Chairs comfortable to work.

6. Donate To Charity

You can always donate your Old Chairs to people in need, for a good cause.

In this manner, you can help individuals in need while putting your Office Chairs to good use.

For this, you may seek assistance from a variety of organizations that connect donors with those in need, or you can visit your nearest charities.

Furthermore, there are plenty of non-profit organizations to whom you may donate your items.

Some people might hesitate to donate their beloved Chairs.

However, you can receive a receipt from the charitable foundation with the estimated worth of the donated products, which can be used to deduct your taxes for the year.

You can find more information on charitable tax deductions on Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Furthermore, make sure to contact a tax accountant to be 100% clear with this subject matter.

7. Resell Old Office Chairs

If your Office Chair is still in good shape, you can always sell them at a thrift store.

There are a handful of websites that provide a marketplace for used goods.

You may easily find a new home for your Old Office Chairs with the aid of these websites.

You can just take a few photographs of your Old Chairs, post them to the website, and choose the price you want.

Many users of these websites keep their eye out for items at the best deals.

If you want to learn about what the potential buyers may be looking for, read

Read on to learn whether you should buy an used Office Chair.

8. Dismantle And Trash Useless Parts

If the furniture is beyond repair, you still have a solution. It is best to dismantle your Chair and sort its parts into metals, plastics, and textiles.

You can use the screws, bolts, and wheels and keep them if your new Chair needs a fix.

Metal and plastic scraps that have no use can be transported to an approved recycling center. Your local mattress recycler may take stuffed furniture.

Similarly, metal parts can be sold to a scrap dealer to get some cash.

It’s a win-win situation for you, the merchant, and the environment!

Here are few tips on disassembling an Office Chair;

  • Remove the cylinder from the base using a rubber mallet. Tap the sides of the cylinder to release it from the base if it is not coming out.
  • Put small parts like screws into a sealed bag so that you don’t lose them.
  • Use Old cardboard, a plastic cover, or a blanket to protect the area where you will be disassembling the Chair.

9. Liquidation

One of the easiest methods to get rid of your Old Office Chairs is to sell them to a furniture liquidation.

Numerous liquidation organizations operate in this field. They buy your Old furniture at low costs and resell it for a profit to another party.

You must obtain quotations from a variety of sources and demand the maximum pricing.

Each firm will haggle to purchase the Old furniture at the best possible price.

However, make sure to make a comparison of the numerous possibilities before making a final selection.

10. DIY Projects

There are tons of DIY projects you can make from Old Chairs, using your creativity is key.

You can drill a hole into the seat of your wooden Chairs just enough to fit a dog’s bowl. This allows your dog to eat with a better posture as the bowl is elevated.

Moreover, this trick can be used to hold metal buckets with ice and drinks for the hot weather or for holding plant pots securely.

Additionally, you can just add water to a shallow bowl and place it into the drilled hole. This can act as a perfect bird bath for your garden.

Similarly, remove the seat and the front legs and use the back of the Chair and add some hooks. There you have it, a DIY hanger.

The possibilities are endless. Mix and match according to your needs!

The Bottom Line

Now that you have brainstormed numerous ideas, you must have realized that an Office Chair has a lot of uses. So, don’t just throw them away!

With basic skills and a simple plan, you will be able to reuse them efficiently. Moreover, you will feel proud of yourself after you get the finished results.

However, you should keep in mind that the Old Chair doesn’t have to be discarded immediately.

If you don’t have a plan yet, let it sit in your storage room for a bit. Then, get to it when an idea hits.

Continue reading to discover some amazing ways to reuse your Old Office Desks.
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