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Fact Checking

To provide you with the most genuine and unblemished information, we must first process the data and do thorough fact-checking.

Importance of Fact Checking

Fact-checking is an integral and important part of our process of writing content. When it comes to technology and work-related stuff, their importance increases tenfold.

Moving parallel with the epoch of computers, we focus on quality content with up-to-date facts that are unquestionable.

We have in mind how the information we publish may reach millions, even billions, of individuals out there, so we are nothing if not accurate.

We are also fully aware of the grave consequences that can transpire if we disseminate false information.

So, among the many pillars of importance in our Company, fact-checking is right up there.

How do We Proceed?

To complete a genuine writing piece, we thoroughly check and jot down the following information:

Home Office Set Up Guide: An ultimate guide to set up your small home office. It may include furnishing, Monitor setup, flooring and so on.

Common Tech Tips: Solutions to all the technical issues that you may encounter while working from home

Ergonomic Tips: Everything you need to know about ergonomics when working from home. It may basically include sitting posture, lighting, typing position and so on.

Equipment: Everything you need to know about the right equipment that you may need when working

Relevant and Authentic Links: Relevant links to internal and external content and affiliate links.

Relevant Media: Required images, graphics, videos and audio to help you along the journey.

More specifically, we scour the internet to find genuine information and relevant sources for our content.

Established and trusted websites like Business Insider, Forbes, CNET, Healthline, WikiHow, Indeed, and more.

Most importantly, all the information we write is based on real-life experiences, so we look for relevant answers in Facebook groups, Quora, Reddit, and other online forums.

Our Trusted And Equipped Carriers

1. The Researchers

On our platform, the researchers are the ones who take it the hardest of them all.

They research the topic and curate all the relevant sources where the writer can find the required information. They are the main reason we are so proud of our genuineness.

2. The Writers

Our proficient writers are handed down to collect materials from the research team.

This board consists of talented wordsmiths who make our problem-solving platform their playground.

After collecting the required information, they write down content and provide the editors with something to work on. They basically lay out a foundation of quality content.

3. The Editors

Our editor team is a batch of high-skilled individuals who are responsible for polishing the content provided by the writing team.

In this department, they recheck the claims and information and verify it so that you get genuine and precise content. Editors make sure that you get authentic and quality content.

4. The Publisher

All content written on our website goes through the publisher. As the name suggests, the Publisher team publishes the written pieces.

They make sure that any mistakes and errors are kept from escaping their keen eye.

This lot adds the required recipe before launching the final product. They also check the graphics and ensure they are top-notch before clicking the ‘Publish’ button. 

5. The Updater

The work is never truly finished since excellent work requires constant polishing, even after publication. Our updaters constantly update the articles with new recent information to help our readers.

After going through all the above departments, the end result is bonafide, superlative information that you can rely on.

Facets We Focus on to Build Our Foundation

We are focused and motivated to work on the following things:

  • High-quality composition
  • Well-researched and genuine content
  • Elite user experience
  • Differently abled friendly