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6 Simple Tricks To Hide Back Of Computer On Desk

You might want to hide the back of your Computer facing the guest because it may appear unaesthetic.

But, no need to worry because we have got you covered.

You can hide the back of your Computer by placing ornamental plant(s), installing a privacy panel or picture frame, decorative sheath, collection of books, and file/folder holder.

Read on to find out how to neatly obscure the unappealing monitor’s back using the abovementioned tricks.

6 Simple Tricks Hide Back Of Your Computer

Although showing the back of the Computer monitor, especially the Apple Monitor is in trend, not all users are up for it.

If you feel awkward keeping your Computer’s back showing to the official visitors and staff, you can obscure it from plain view.

Here are some proven tricks to hide the back of your Computer without applying any expensive renovation.

1. Place Ornamental Plant(s)

I recommend stacking various ornamental indoor plants behind your Computer monitor to hide them from plain view.

Along with adding greenery, it will help cleanse indoor air of pollutants like formaldehyde and toluene.

Did you know sitting beside the plants is proven to reduce fatigue, improve your mood, and offset the risk of cold, cough, and sore throat?

However, if you are not a plantophile who can give much time to tending plants, consider adding low-maintenance succulents that will thrive.

Some indoor plant suggestions fit tremendously well in any office setting.

Snake plantSpider plant grows best in an indoor setting with medium to bright light
Spider plantSpider plant grows best in an indoor setting with medium to bright light
Peace LilyIt does well in medium light and grows up to 3 feet tall
English IvyIt prefers bright, indirect light and requires moist soi
Chinese EvergreenThe evergreen plant thrives in medium ot bright light and grows multiple feet tall
Rubber PlantIt does well in low to medium light and grows very tall
PothosIt is a trailing plant best suited for pots with trellis or support
ZZ plantIt can tolerate low to bright light conditions and grows multiple feet tall
Lucky BambooYou can grow it in soil or water medium in low to medium light
Boston FernIt prefer medium to bright light conditions and grows up to 3 feet tall

I suggest you try placing plants at different heights to hide your Computer’s back while preventing a monotonous look.

Moreover, consider using a watering can with a long spout to water the plants without splattering them all over your desk or monitor.

2. Install a Privacy Panel

The privacy panel is a straightforward way to hide anything from sight, be it your desk, changing clothes, or equipment.

Moreover, they are not very costly, which makes them a handy tool to use in the office.

Consider installing a privacy panel at the end of your desk, so it obscures your monitor entirely.

However, choose a panel that goes with your office environment or desk.

Most panels have clamps that latch onto the desk. Otherwise, install a full-size version that covers the entire length of your desk and the monitor.

If you want style, consider going crazy with different colored panels and fabrics to liven up the dull office environment.

Here are a few classy and retro privacy panel recommendations for you.

Obex Acrylic Free Standing ScreenA perfect divider for desk privacy that is perfect to hide your
entire work system.

It is lightweight and made from aluminum or plastic and comes in frosted shade.
Quartet Workstation Privacy ScreenA 64" x 38" privacy screen comes with adjustable height, sliding, and sturdy frame.

It is perfect for obscuring the entire desk height.
Quartet Glass Whiteboard Desktop PanelThe magnetic 17" x 23" board works as both privacy panel and whiteboard to write on.

It may become a multi-purpose tool.
Obex Acoustical Free Standing ScreenThe free-standing panel comes in a wide range of colors and sizes.

It comes with top quality material.

Measure the width and height of the monitor’s back you want to cover to help determine the size of the privacy panel you need.

These panels come in various materials, such as wood, metal, fabric, or plastic, and can cost anywhere from $50 to $300.

3. Add A Decorative Wreath

You can add personality and style to your work desk by installing a privacy panel topped with a wreath.

Use a portable privacy panel or make one using a wood or plastic panel covering the entire length of your work desk.

You would need to buy a privacy panel and wreath separately
You would need to buy a privacy panel and wreath separately.

You can use a wreath made of natural materials, such as branches, leaves, or flowers, or a wreath made of artificial materials, such as foam, plastic, or fabric.

You can attach the wreath to the panel with tape or adhesive strips. Voila! Your stylish monitor obscure panel with a wreath is ready to be used.

4. Install A Picture Frame

Another budget-friendly and artistic way to hide your Computer’s back is using a picture frame.

The picture frameworks like the privacy panel but add decor instead of obscuring the workstation.

Instead of seeing the back of your monitor, the visitors and staff will see art. Here are some tips.

  • Before installing a painting, consider measuring the width and height of your Computer monitor.
  • Choose an art or painting slightly larger than the dimensions of your monitor.
  • Use any art or painting that suits your style and preferences, such as a landscape, portrait, abstract, or still life.
  • Use a fixture display or any freestanding frame holder to keep the painting in place.

5. Place A Collection Of Books

Using a collection of books is a great way to add visual interest and personality to your desk while hiding your Computer’s back.

It is the most budget-friendly way to obscure your monitor because who does not have books to spare.

You can use books from your library or office stack or buy some that complement your work.

Place different sized books stacked together to obscure the monitor's back
Place different-sized books stacked together to hide the Computer’s back.

For example, if you are a day trader, you can stack books related to trading, finance, economics, etc., so you can also read them.

However, be wary of your desk and workstation dimensions because placing a book stack will take up a significant desk surface space.

Here are a few tips on how you can stack your books on a desk to hide your Computer’s back;

  • Sort the books by size, with the largest books on the bottom and the smallest on the top.
  • Place the largest books at the back of your desk, forming a solid foundation for the collection. Use bookends to hold the books in place.
  • If desired, add some decorative objects, such as vases or sculptures, to the collection of books to create a contrasting effect.

6. Add File/Folder Holder(s)

Last, you can use handy materials like file/folder holders to cover your Computer’s back.

Let’s say you will be reorganizing the storage on the desk. Instead of placing them elsewhere, you arrange them just behind the monitor.

It can prove helpful because you will be organizing your work files in one place that is accessible within your arm’s length.

Here are some tips for organizing them effectively.

  • Arrange the file/folder holders on your desk around your work materials, creating a rectangular or square shape that covers your workstation.
  • Leave enough space for your work materials to fit comfortably within the holders.
  • Label the file/folder holders with decorative labels to help organize your materials and create a more visually appealing workspace.
  • Buy some decorative and theme-specific folder holders from Amazon.

The Bottom Line

In some cases, hiding your workstation can help keep sensitive and confidential information away from prying eyes.

Use the above-given steps to make a simple and practical yet aesthetically pleasing workstation.

Otherwise, let us know in the comments about some unique ways to hide your monitor’s back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Hide Ugly Monitor Cables?

Hiding your ugly monitor cables is as straightforward as hiding the back of your Computer.

You can use cable ties that bind them all together. Alternatively, use cable sleeves to cover your cables.

Otherwise, install a cable hider box, a small plastic or wooden container, to hide monitor cables.

What Is The Most Accessible Way To Hide The Computer’s Back?

If you are not up for buying accessories or arranging materials to hide your monitor’s back, consider sitting facing the wall.

Doing so will save you money and time.

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