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How To Join The Official Adin Ross Discord Server?

Adin Ross is a popular online streamer who has a Discord Server for his fans and followers.

People can join the discord server to get the official announcements and notices from Adin Ross.

To join the official Adin Ross Discord server, Adin’s Planet, you need an invite link. You can get the link from his social media accounts or from other members of the server.

Continue reading to learn more about the Adin Ross discord server and how you can join it.

Adin Ross Discord Server: An Overview

Adin Ross is a famous Kick streamer and social media influencer who has a Discord server for his fans and followers.

Fans can join the server to chat with other fans of Adin Ross or participate in giveaways and events.

Further, they can also watch his livestreams on the server with other Kick personalities.

Official discord server for Adin Ross
The Official discord server is Adin’s Planet.

The official server is Adin’s Planet which has over a hundred thousand members.

The server also has a lot of drama and controversy, as Adin announces his upcoming live streams on the server.

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Join The Adin Ross Discord Server

Users can join the server using the invite link, from Adin Ross’s social media accounts or from other members of the server.

Alternatively, you can use the server discovery feature on Discord to search for public servers related to Adin Ross or Kick.

To join the Official Adin Ross server, click on the link Adin’s Planet and become part of the amazing community.

Adin's planet in discord
Joining Adin’s planet using the invite link in the discord server.

However, you should be aware of the server rules and guidelines, as you may get banned for violating them.

Further, be respectful and friendly to other members of the server, as the server is a community for Adin Ross’ fans and supporters.

Alternative Discord Server: Adins Appeal Planet

The Adin Ross server is known to be strict and chaotic at times, as many users have reported that they got banned from the server.

The server can ban people for various reasons such as violating the server rules and guidelines.

Further, other reasons for the ban include making jokes, using offensive language, spamming, or trolling.

However, if you have been banned from the official server, you can appeal to an alternative server. 

The alternative discord server is Adins Appeal Planet which users can use to appeal bans from another discord server of Adin Ross.

After joining the server, read the rules and regulations completely from the Rules channel.

Then, verify you’ve read all the rules by reacting with the emoji in the Verify Channel.

After verifying, you have to create a ticket from the Open ticket channel to contact the official support.

Further, the contact support will help to review the cause of the ban, and you can also discuss your issue in the chat.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, users can easily stay updated on Adin’s latest livestream announcement and join the server for giveaways.

Further, it’s important to follow the rules and guidelines of the server to avoid being banned from it.

The appeal discord server allows users to join the main server again after reviewing the cause of the ban.

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