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Aladdin Connect App Not Working – Easy Fixes

Safety is a major concern nowadays. Furthermore, companies have been making various gadgets and applications to keep people’s homes safe. One of those companies is Genie, with its Aladdin Connect App. 

Aladdin Connect App allows users to monitor their homes remotely from their phones. However, the application does face issues at times. These issues can cause the application not to work. But, users can check in with the application’s customer support to find solutions to the issues. 
Continue reading to learn more about why the application is not working and how you can solve the issue. 

What Is Aladdin Connect App? 

Aladdin Connect App is a mobile application for the retrofit kit by Genie. The application allows users to monitor the doors within their homes. 

Furthermore, users can remotely open and close their doors through the application as well. Additionally, the application keeps a history report of the authorization of entry through the house doors. 

However, the users need to use the Aladdin Connect retro kit to access the garage doors and other doors within their houses. 

Note: The Aladdin Connect App is available on both Android and IOS
UI Preview Of Aladdin Connect Application.
UI Preview Of Aladdin Connect Application.

Why Is Aladdin Connect App Not Working? 

Similar to other applications that you may use, Aladdin Connect App may not work sometimes.

Here is a list of reasons why Aladdin Connect may not be working; 

Login Issue

The application can face login issues at times. This is normally when certain credentials do not match the server’s database or if the application company is having issues with their servers. 

RetroKit Installation Issue

If you make a mistake during the installation process of the Retrokit, the connection between the kit and the application may not establish itself properly. 

Internet/Wifi Issue

There will be times when the internet service provider for your area may not be providing internet facilities due to certain issues. Furthermore, sometimes, the routers in your home, which send out the wifi signal, may face issues. This can cause the application not to work properly or at all.

Server Error

The server for the Aladdin application itself may face certain issues. This can cause the application not to work properly and give the users accurate information according to their requests. 

How To Fix Aladdin App Not Working? 

Check Your Credentials

If you are facing login issues, check the credentials that you use to log in to the application. If your credentials do not match, then you can reset your credentials. 

Re-installation of Retrokit

If the installation of your Retrokit did not go as planned, you should ask for help from the company itself. However, you can also ask for help from someone who can install the Retrokit properly for you. 

Additionally, you can reinstall the application itself as well, sometimes, the issue can be with the application rather than the Retrokit. 

Check Your Internet Or Wifi Router

If the issue is due to the disconnection of the internet, or your router facing certain problems, you should contact customer support for your internet service provider.

Furthermore, If your router is causing the issue, you can go into its admin panel to check it out or replace your router with a new one. 

Contact Customer Support

If none of the above solutions work. The final step you can take is to contact the customer support of Aladdin Connect. 

The Bottom Line

Aladdin Connect Application provides users with a great way to keep their homes safe. However, Since the application needs a connection to servers and the internet, there will be times when the application can malfunction or not work entirely. 

Hopefully, this article can help you solve the issue related to Aladdin Connect App not working. 

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