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TOP 10 IKEA Alex Drawer Alternative For Small Space

Are you in awe like everyone else with the IKEA’s Alex Drawer making rounds in TikToks lately?

Beware because what you see looks good but may lack significant space, durability, and design!

There are some top-notch IKEA Alex Drawer alternatives to consider.

Choose IKEA Alex Drawer alternatives with more space, sturdy design, and durability, including Winsome Wood Halifax Storage, Adeptus Original Roll Cart, DEVAISE 5-Drawer Storage Dresser, Naomi Home 5-Drawer, Pitts 6-Drawer Cabinet, etc.

The list is endless; hence, read further to get exclusive access to some great IKEA Alex drawer alternatives.

The IKEA ALEX Drawers are making rounds on the internet lately, thanks to the TikTok influencers promoting this product.

If you are one of their followers, you must have been mesmerized by this product’s stylish design at a low price.

The 50 cm Drawer depth, smooth Drawer slides, and heavy-load capacity make IKEA Alex Drawers quite a product.

However, the IKEA Alex Drawers boast many drawbacks, although they are advertised as majestic products.

Maybe it is time to recall the famous quote, “You should not believe everything you see on the internet.”

Here are a few drawbacks of IKEA Alex Drawers that we have found on social media and forums.

  • The Drawer floor is weak that may come off because of semi-loose brackets.
  • It is priced at $90 for single Drawers and $180 for dual Drawers, which is quite pricy.
  • They are not made from solid wood but engineered wood materials.
  • Opening and closing the Drawers may feel flimsy because everything inside also moves back and forth.
  • Adding additional trays/dividers on the inside may require getting official IKEA ones which will drive up the cost.
  • They do not fit large objects unless you buy a dual Drawer with significant storage space, so expect to fill up Drawer space quickly.
  • Finally, IKEA does not have many stores nationwide, and their minimum shipping price of $129 is enough to burn a hole in your pocket.

Therefore, you would not be wrong to choose a cheaper and more durable alternative.

Top 10 IKEA Alex Drawer Alternatives For Small Space

Having Drawers in your home or office is common, but it does not mean you should settle for expensive or flimsy units.

Here are some top-notch IKEA Alex Drawer alternatives in 2024 that you should seriously consider buying.

1. Winsome Wood Halifax Storage

The first best Alex Drawer alternative is Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Cabinet, which perfectly defines class and strength.

The cabinet on casters features five Drawers measuring approximately 15 x 19 x 5 inches, which is enough for everyday office items, and only costs $73.

Similarly, the 7-Drawer option comes in size 16 x 20 x 5 inches at just $133, slightly more expensive than IKEA’s Alex Drawer.

Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Alex drawer alternative
Winsome Wood Halifax Storage sits perfectly well in home offices, kitchens and bedrooms. (Souce: Amazon)

Product Overview

  • Offers two sizes: 5 Drawers (15.98″D x 19.21″W x 26.3″H) and 7 Drawers (16″D x 19.5″W x 35.39″H)
  • It is made from engineered wood for lightness and durability.
  • It can endure a weight of up to 50 lb. (23 kg) with 12 lb. (5kg) for each cabinet.
  • Black exterior with white interior.
  • Removable casters for stationary use
  • Also available in white, black, or walnut finish
  • Assembly required
You can see the complete product overview and review.

2. Adeptus Original Roll Cart

Adeptus Original Roll Cart is another popular Alex Drawer alternative that offers similar features and styles at a lesser price.

This solid wood multi-purpose cabinet has six identical Drawers and four-wheeled casters for just $64!

IKEA Alex drawer alternative
Each Drawer boasts 17.2 x 12.32 x 5.9 inches, large enough to hold papers, books, boxed rolls, and kitchen wraps. (Source: Amazon)

It will make a great addition to homes, offices, kitchens, and project rooms.

Product Overview

  • Offers two sizes: 5 Drawers (15.25″D x 13.25″W x 25.75″H) and 6+2 Drawers (15.35″D x 20.75″W x 40.28″H)
  • It is made from natural solid wood for durability
  • Available in black and white shades
  • Ideal storage for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, sewing, school supplies, and toys
  • No assembly is required
You can see the complete product overview and review.

3. DEVAISE 5-Drawer Storage Dresser

DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest’s classic styling and dual-color choices make it perfect for homes and offices.

Designed with durable particle board for long-term use, it is eco-friendly and scratch resistant.

The large Drawer provides enough space to store items weighing 18 lb. (8kg).

DEVAISE 5-Drawer
DEVAISE 5-Drawer cabinet has four casters with braking functions on two front casters. (Source: Amazon)

Product Overview

  • The 5-Drawer chest comes in a size of 18.7″ W x 15.7″ D x 25.2″ H (including wheels)
  • Comes in two different colors; black and white
  • Optional size is available with the 7-Drawer chest
  • It is made from eco-friendly, scratch-resistant particle boards.
  • Removable casters for stationary use
  • Easy to assemble and water resistant
You can see the complete product overview and review.

4. Naomi Home 5-Drawer

Naomi Home 5-Drawer Chest combines function with durability and style.

Made from heavy-duty solid wood with an environment-friendly finish, it can add to your home and office.

The extra-spacious chest is designed with a routed handle, making it smooth to slide open and close.

Naomi Home 5-Drawer
Naomi Home 5-Drawer modular cabinet costs only $101.99 and comes in white and brown. (Source: Walmart)

Product Overview

  • It comes in a size of 15.70W x 15.70D x 25.90H inches
  • The combination of solid wood with particleboard and lamination adds durability.
  • Removable casters for stationary use
  • Two front wheels enable it to brake for firm placement
  • The compact design fits well in confined spaces, such as in-home offices
You can see the complete product overview and review.

5. Prepac Astrid 6 Drawer Tall Chest

If you want something cheaper yet durable, Prepac Astrid 6-Drawer tall chest will be your best bet if you are looking for an IKEA Alex Drawer alternative.

It displays a caster-less, slender and effective design featuring six individual Drawers of sizeable storage space.

Prepac Astrid 6 Drawer Tall Chest
Prepac Astrid 6 Drawer is made from non-toxic, CARB-2-compliant laminated, light, and durable wood. (Source: Amazon)

Moreover, you get solid wood knobs at the front for easy access, and the pristine laminate finish perfectly complements your interior decor.

Product Overview

  • The product measures 16.75D” x 20W” x 52.25H” with individual Drawer measuring 13.5″ x 16.5″ x 4.5″
  • Boasts smooth roller glides with built-in safety stops
  • It displays lacquered finish for a classic touch.
  • Available in black, crystal white, white, drifted gray, and espresso
  • Assembly required
You can see the complete product overview and review.

6. VICLLAX Office Filing Storage Cabinet

VICLLAX office filing storage is a pedestal cabinet with three sliding Drawers that is elegant, simple, and very affordable.

In fact, it provides significant storage with three 15.7W” x 15.7D” x 7.4H” sized cabinets that save much vertical space.

VICLLAX Office Filing Storage Cabinet
VICLLAX Office Filing Storage Cabinet is the best Alex Drawer alternative. (Source: Amazon)

Consider getting one to store your office folders, large files, and artwork or use as a dresser in the bedroom.

Product Overview

  • The filing cabinet measures 15.7W “x 15.7D” x 22.3H”, appropriate for office and home use.
  • Made of eco-friendly particle board, it is water and scratch-resistant.
  • Available in three colors; brown, dark walnut, and pure white
  • Easy to assemble with the instruction included
You can see the complete product overview and review.

7. Modular Chest By Simply Tidy

The modular mobile chest by Simple Tidy is a perfect cabinet for the home and office to store important documents or art and craft supplies.

The 5-Drawer cabinet measures 14.8W” x 14.25D” x 4.5H”, large enough to store important files and folders. The modular chest is compact enough to place anywhere in the room.

Modular Mobile Chest by Simply Tidy
Use the Modular mobile Chest to keep it in place once you have found a nice spot. (Source: Micheals)

In fact, it comes pre-drilled to include additional cubes and accessories for extra space.

Product Review

  • The cabinet measures 16W” x 16D” x 26H” with wheels.
  • Only a single shade of white is available at the moment
  • It displays laminated particle board with iron for lightness and added durability.
  • Assembly required
  • A furniture strap is available to secure the upper section of the wall.
You can see the complete product overview and review.

8. Linon Cary Wide Roll Cart

Linon Cary wide roll cart offers the most capacity with a sturdy six-Drawer structure, costing only $149.99.

It comes in a soft gray finish with a solid wood design that adds to the decor of your home office.

The six equally sized Drawers measuring 17.17W” X 12.36D” X 22.05H” are enough to store files and folders but can be too small for more oversized items.

IKEA Alex drawer alternative
Linon Cary cabinet comes in multiple shades appropriate for home and office. (Source: Amazon)

Nonetheless, it features removable casters with locking wheels for safety.

Product Overview

  • The cabinet measures 20.75W” X 15.35D” X 25.75H”
  • Each Drawer can hold up to 34 lb. (15.4 kg), with the entire cabinet holding up to 100 lb. (45 kg)
  • Offers three different color choices; white, natural, and black
  • It is relatively easy to assemble.
You can see the complete product overview and review.

9. Merax Storage Cabinet

Merax Storage Cabinet is the best alternative for the IKEA Alex Drawer, which is super affordable and matches the style of classic cabinets.

It is 25 inches tall and perfectly fits most bedrooms, kitchens, and home offices without consuming much vertical space.

Additionally, it is produced from long-lasting engineered or MDF wood; it is both sturdy and light.

Merax Storage Cabinet IKEA Alex drawer alternative
Merax Storage Cabinet is made from engineered wood for lightness and durability. (Source: Amazon)

Product Overview

  • It boasts a size of 18.5 “D x 30.3” W x 25 “H, with each Drawer measuring 12.5″ x 11.7″ x 2.5”.
  • Available in a single shade of brown.
  • Provides ample space to store office files, folders, and other small items.
  • Assembly required.
You can see the complete product overview and review.

10. Winsome Rolling Cabinet

The Winsome rolling cabinet is unlike any other IKEA rolling Drawer.

It offers similar features to a lateral cabinet with an addition of a large Drawer on the left side for significant storage.

Winsome rolling cabinet
Winsome rolling cabinet can perfectly fit your office and is the best Alex Drawer alternative. (Source: Amazon)

Moreover, it is made from composite wood for additional durability with lightness.

Product Overview

  • The cabinet measures 13.70″W x 14.76″D x 22.83″H, with Drawers measuring 13.23″W x 11.73″D x 2.56″H (without an adjustable shelf)
  • Two-compartment cabinet perfect for offices and homes.
  • Durable and noiseless casters with lockable front wheels.
  • Assembly required.
You can see the complete product overview and review.

The Bottom Line

Social media makes every product look desirable, but they are not always what you want.

A high-quality cabinet can last up to 50 years, saving you money in the long run!

Therefore, choose home or office cabinets with optimal storage, durability, and wheels.

Continue reading to learn about the standard weight of filing cabinets.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the significant advantages of the Alex Drawer is the depth dimension, where the depth is about 23 in (50 cm).

Many cabinets found in the market lack significant depth, making Alex Drawers quite popular.

Are Amazon-Listed Cabinets Better Than IKEA Alex?

Most are better and more affordable than IKEA Alex, where you can find cabinets made from solid wood for less than $100.

However, read the product review and product info before buying anything online.

What Should be the Ideal Lateral Cabinet Dimension?

Choose lateral cabinets at least 32-36″ wide, providing significant depth and height to store everyday items.

However, it can be too large for most home offices, bedrooms, and kitchens; hence, pick a lateral cabinet in a range of 16-18D” X 20-25W” X 50-60H”.

Continue reading to learn about the standard size of lateral cabinets.
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