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Raven Gloves In BG3: Unlock Raven Powers

The Raven Gloves in Baldur’s BG3 are a unique item that allows the one who wears the gloves to take on the abilities of a Raven.

However, to obtain these gloves, you must complete a quest involving rescuing the Ravens.

You can obtain the Raven Gloves in BG3 by completing the Sword Coast “finding the Ravens” quest that starts from the Druid Grove. Once you free the Ravens, Seldir will reward you with the gloves, which will be all yours.

This article will guide you on how to do the whole quest, from meeting Druid Seldir at the start to fighting the evil Mind Flayer Vizeran and getting your prize, Raven Gloves.

What Are The Raven Gloves In BG3?

The Raven Gloves are a special item in the video game Baldur’s Gate 3.

They are magic gloves that give you powers like a Raven bird.

Ravens can fly, so if you wear the Raven Gloves, you can fly into a Raven.

Similarly, you get them by helping a druid named Seldir.

He says the Ravens in the forest near where he lives disappeared.

Then you can follow clues to find Githyanki warriors captured by the Ravens.

If you free the Ravens, Seldir will thank you and reward you with the magic Raven Gloves.

reven gloves bg3
Raven Gloves is one of the special item in BG3.

How To Obtain The Raven Gloves In BG3?

You must complete a quest on the Sword Coast to obtain the magical Raven Gloves.

Here is a detailed guide on how you can do it.

1. The Quest To Get The Raven Gloves

Finding the Raven Gloves will begin when you reach Druid Grove.

Here, you will meet a druid named Seldir, who will give you a task to investigate the disappearance of Ravens from the grove.

Seldir believes the Ravens have been captured by a hag named Madam Eva, who lives deep in the nearby Wyrmwood Forest.

To reach Madam Eva’s hut, you must search through the dangerous Wyrmwood Forest.

Eventually, you will locate Madam Eva’s hut.

However, upon entering, you will find the hag dead, killed by a mysterious assailant.

Searching the hut, you will discover clues that point to the Githyanki patrol camp as the possible kidnappers of the Ravens.

2. Confronting The Githyanki

Venturing to the Githyanki patrol camp located north of the Wyrmwood Forest, you engage in stealthy surveillance.

Eavesdropping on the Githyanki warriors’ conversations reveals they have captured the Ravens but are keeping them for a “Master Vizeran.”

The only way to locate where the Ravens are is to sneak into the camp and hack into the Githyanki communication crystal.

Likewise, doing so reveals the Ravens’ location – the ruins of Bolder’s Vale to the northeast.

With the Ravens’ whereabouts now known, you must fight their way through the Githyanki patrol camp.

Moreover, after you win over the alien warriors, you will continue to Bolder’s Vale.

3. Rescue The Ravens

Reaching Bolder’s Vale, you will discover an excavation is underway led by a Mind Flayer whose name is Vizeran.

Furthermore, he has kidnapped the Ravens to misuse their abilities.

Confronting Vizeran, you will learn he plans to use the knowledge found to lead a Mind Flayer invasion of the Sword Coast.

A climactic battle against Vizeran and his illithid forces ensues.

If successful, you will defeat Vizeran and free the Ravens.

Similarly, Seldir will present you with the Raven Gloves as a reward.

With them, the wearer can take on the form of a Raven, granting flight and other bird-like traits.

Worn by the right person, these gloves could help turn the tide in the coming war between the Mind Flayers and the civilized races of Faerûn.

The Abilities Of The Raven Gloves In BG3

Here are some abilities of the Raven Gloves:

  • Flight – Wearers can transform into a Raven and fly through the air.
  • Bird Vision – Gives the vision and perception of a Raven, allowing you to see far distances.
  • Talons – Hands transform into sharp Raven talons, helpful in attacking enemies.
  • Beak – The wearer’s mouth transforms into a powerful Raven beak for pecking attacks.
  • Feathers – The wearer’s body is covered in protective Raven feathers while transformed.
  • Intelligence – Ravens are highly intelligent birds who may grant higher intelligence too.
  • Stealth – Ravens are stealthy, so it could help with sneaking, as a Raven is hard to detect.
  • Scavenging – Ravens search for food and items, so it may aid in finding hidden objects.

The Bottom Line

You must complete the quest and free the Ravens to get the Raven Gloves in BG3.

For your efforts, you are rewarded with the Raven Gloves, which allow transformation into a Raven and bestow various avian abilities.

With the gloves in hand, you will have a new tool to aid your adventures across the Sword Coast in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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