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Blighted Village Forge In BG3: Masterwork Weapon Guide

One of the locations that you can explore in the game is the Blighted Village.

Among the many things that you can do in this Village is crafting your own Masterwork Weapon using the Forge.

You can craft a Masterwork Weapon in the Blighted Village Forge, you must find a blueprint, a rare material, and choose the weapon that you want to enhance.

This article will show you how to use the Forge in the Blighted Village to craft Masterwork Weapons.

What Is Blighted Village Forge In BG3?

The Blighted Village Forge is hidden in the basement of a house in the Blighted Village.

The influence of the Absolute, a mysterious and powerful entity, has corrupted this region.

Moreover, players can use this Forge to create a rare and powerful masterwork weapon that can be customized with different effects.

Secret Hidden Chest In The Blighted Village

The Blighted Village Forge contains many secrets and treasures for the adventurous explorer.

Likewise, this optional quest can reward you with a unique weapon or chest to help you in your adventure.

blighted village baldurs gate 3
Blighted Village in Baldurs Gate 3 contains many secrets and treasures.

Moreover, the chest contains gold, potions, scrolls, and a rare item called The Sapphire Spark, a magical dagger that deals extra lightning damage.

However, it is also a challenging quest that requires you to explore different areas and face various enemies.

Craft Masterwork Weapon In Blighted Village Forge

The Forge is located near the Windmill in the Blighted Village, consisting of an anvil, a melting furnace, and bellows. 

  1. To use the Forge, you must find a blueprint, a rare material, and a chosen weapon.
  2. Additionally, you need to find the Highcliff’s journal and blueprints hidden in a chest in the same basement.
  3. Likewise, the journal and blueprints will start the quest. Finish the Masterwork Weapon.
  4. This requires you to find a special ingredient called Sussur Bark. Players can find it in the Underdark, a vast underground realm.
  5. Once you have the Sussur bark, you can return to the Forge to heat the furnace.
sassur tree bark bg3
You can return to the Forge once you have Sassur Tree Bark BG3.
  1. After that, choose one of three weapons to forge: a dagger, a greatsword, or a sickle.
  2. Each weapon has different properties and effects, such as dealing extra damage, inflicting status effects, or having unique abilities.

The masterwork weapon has higher stats and special effects, making it different and stronger than other weapons in the game.

The type of enhancement that you choose for your weapon should match your playstyle and preferences.

For example, if you like to deal fire damage, choose the flaming enhancement.

Moreover, if you want to slow down your enemies, choose the frost enhancement.

The Bottom Line

The hidden chest in the Blighted Village is one of the many hidden loot locations in BG3.

In addition, it can reward you with valuable items and resources such as Masterwork Weapon.

These powerful weapons have unique effects and appearances that make your character stand out.

Hopefully, this article helps you to craft the Masterwork Weapon of your choice and use it to defeat your enemies.

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