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CGC Reholder Scam: Response From Official CGC

The CGC reholder scam has been a trending topic for a few days among the comic enthusiasts.

Further, this scam involves the swapping of comic books by the scammers.

The CGC reholder scam is a fraudulent method that involves swapping a high-value comic book with a low-value book in a CGC-graded case and then selling the fake comic for a profit.

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What Is CGC Reholder Scam?

The CGC reholder scam is a scam where scammers tamper with comic books to make them appear more valuable before submitting them for grading.

This fraudulent scheme involves the swapping of a high-value comic book with a low-value one.

Further, the scammers sell the fake comic book that comes in a CGC-graded case for a profit.

CGC reholder scam
The CGC reholder scammer selling different books with the same Cert number.

The scammer uses a special tool to open the case without damaging it.

Then, he replaces the label and the comic with a fake or a different issue.

A collector noticed a discrepancy between the serial number and the comic details which disclosed the scam.

This has already happened to a hundred comic books from CGC disrupting the reputation of the CGC comics.

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Response From CGC About The Reholder Scam

CGC has now officially released a statement in response to the Scam after studying the matter.

They said that they have an investigating community to conduct a comprehensive review of this matter.

Furthermore, they will ensure that the individual responsible for the book tampering will be held fully accountable by the law.

Statement from CGC about the scam
CGC has released an official statement in the Instagram threads about the scam.

Further, CGC has also ensured that if anyone has purchased the tampered books, they’ll be compensated for the loss.

Additionally, they are also asking about the list of books that have been impacted.

Users can share any information they have about the fraud in the [email protected].

The Bottom Line

The CGC reholder scam is a serious threat to the integrity and trust of the comic book market.

Further, it undermines the credibility of the grading services and the collectors.

Users should be cautious when buying the high-end graded comics, and verify the serial numbers and the comic details with the CGC registry.

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