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Diablo 4 Monster Family Drops

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, introduces a fascinating concept: Monster Families.

Unlike previous Diablo games, monsters in Diablo 4 belong to distinct family types with unique combat styles, personalities, and drip tables.

Diablo 4 monster family drops are a categorization of different monsters and leagues found in the game according to their unique style, combat and others. There are more than ten monster families, including Bandits, Fallen, Drowned, and Cannibals.

Understanding these Monster Families becomes crucial for efficient farming and acquiring specific item types.

In this article, we will dive into various Monster Families found in Diablo 4 and explore their drops as well as other details.

Monster Family in Diablo 4 

In Diablo 4, monsters are organized into different families, each with its own distinct characteristics and combat styles.

Understanding these monster families is important because they have a higher chance of dropping specific item types.

Here are a few monster families and their details from the fourth edition of Diablo 4.


Bandits, though not technically monsters, pose a significant threat in Diablo 4.

Found primarily in Kehjistan and Dry Stepps, these monsters bully innocent humans and engage in skirmishes with other monsters.

Despite their nature, Bandits offer players a chance at specific item drops such as Daggers and Mace.

The Bandit Family comprises three members:

  • The Scraper, a bruiser armed with a mace
  • The Throat-Splitter, a swift and lethal warrior
  • The Pillager an adept looter


The Cannibal Family in Diablo 4 tells the tale of a distant line of Barbarians exiled for developing a taste for flesh.

These savage warriors roam the Dry Steppes region and beyond, preying on lonesome caravans and unsuspecting villages.

diablo 4 cannibals monster family drop
Cannibals include general, capstone and nightmare dungeons

The Cannibal Family consists of four members armed with crude, jagged weapons.

These monster family’s drops include powerful 2H Axes, Helms, and Axes.

Exploring areas such as Bastion of Faith, Bloodied Bayou, and the Ruins of Hatred presents players with opportunities.


The Fallen Monster Family, an iconic Diablo series staple, returns in Diablo 4.

These short demons, known for their mischievous nature, have the ability to multiply and overwhelm players if not dealt with swiftly.

diablo 4 fallen monster family drop
Fallen is another one of the monster families in Diablo 4

Led by the Fallen Shaman, who spawns new demons periodically, the Fallen Family presents a unique challenge.

Engaging with the Fallen offers the chance to acquire valuable loot and unleash devastating powers, making them an intriguing target.

Additionally, the drops provided by the Fallen monster family are Axes and Fallen.


A new addition to the Diablo series, the Drowned Monster Family consists of undead creatures.

Wearing tattered rags, rope, and rusty metal, these creatures are led by Merinth, also known as the Drowned Witch.

The Drowned monster exhibits synergistic nature, with each member having a stronger signature ability when fighting together.

diablo 4 drowned monster family drop
Drowned is a monster family in Diablo 4 that can provide unique drops

They exclusively spawn on the coasts of Scosgoen, making it the primary location to encounter them.

Exploring the shores, Scosglen unveils the chance to obtain unique drops and face the strategic onslaught of the Drowned.

Those unique drops are Scythes, 2H Maces, Pants and Boots.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, understanding the monster families in Diablo 4 is vital for players seeking specific item drops and unique gameplay experiences.

Whether facing the mace-wielding Bandits, Cannibals, Fallen, or Drowned, each encounter presents challenges and rewards.

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