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Fix The Error C510 In Roomba

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that automatically cleans your floors; made by iRobot.

Further, it has sensors that help them navigate around obstacles, avoid falling down stairs, and find dirtier spots on the floor. 

Error C510 in Roomba indicates a problem with their operation: its vacuum motor. You can fix this error by removing the vacuum bin, cleaning the debris or damage on the bin and restarting it.

Continue reading to learn the error code 510 and the ways to fix it.

List Of Errors In Roomba

The Roomba J series is a line of advanced robot vacuums that automatically empty bins into a base station.

The vacuum bin is the part of the robot that collects the dirt and debris from the floor.

Further, the sensor in the vacuum detects the correct connection to the robot and to the base station.

Here is the list of some of the errors occurring in Roomba:

  • Error 1
  • Error 2
  • Error 5
  • Error 6
  • Error 9

Error C510 In Roomba

Error C510 is one of the many error codes that the Roomba J series robot vacuums.

It indicates a problem with their operation: its vacuum motor.

However, if the sensor does not detect a good connection, it will display error C510 on the robot’s screen.

Further, it says, “Please check that the vacuum bin is installed correctly“.

This error means that either the vacuum bin is not securely attached to the robot.

Contrarily, it means there is something wrong with the sensor or the connection to the base station.

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How To Fix C510 Error In Roomba?

The error C510 prevents the robot from cleaning or emptying its bin properly.

Here are some possible fixes to this error:

1. Remove Vacuum Bin

Remove the vacuum bin from the robot by pressing the bin release button on the back of the robot.

Thus, this will detach the bin from the robot and allow you to inspect it for any problems.

error c510 roomba
Roomba is an advanced robot vacuums.

2. Check For Any Debris Or Damage

Check for any debris or damage on the bin, the sensor, or the connection port. Clean them with a soft cloth if needed.

Sometimes, dust or dirt can block the sensor or connection port and cause a false error.

Therefore, you can use a soft cloth to wipe them clean gently.

Further, you should check for any cracks or dents on the bin that might affect its fit or function.

3. Reinstall The Vacuum

Reinstall the vacuum bin by sliding it into the bin slot until it clicks into place.

Thus, you need to attach it firmly to the robot. This will reconnect the bin to the robot and the sensor.

You will hear a click sound after you attach the bin securely.

Additionally, you can wiggle the bin slightly to ensure it is not loose.

base station
Connect the vacuum to the base station.

4. Restart The Vaccum

Press the button on the top of the robot to restart it. This will clear the error code and resume the cleaning cycle.

If the error is fixed, you should see a green light on the robot’s screen and hear a voice saying “Ready to clean”.

However, if you aren’t able to fix this error by implementing all the steps above, try contacting its customer center. They will suggest relevant ideas concerning the error you addressed. Further, if you want to look for the chart containing the error codes, visit its official page.

The Bottom Line

You need to check the vacuum motor for any debris or damage that may be blocking or affecting its performance.

Further, gently use a soft brush or cloth to clean the motor and surrounding area.

In contrast, keep on updating the Roomba’s software by connecting it to the iRobot Home app and following the instructions on the screen.

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