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Explore The Character Flood Tide Allandra Grey In BG3

Flood Tide Allandra Grey is a character in Baldur’s Gate 3 video game.

Moreover, she is a high priestess of Umberlee, the sea goddess of the Forgotten Realms.

Flood Tide Allandra Grey is the leader of the Waveservants. Waveservants is a group of novitiates who worship Umberlee, the evil goddess of the sea.

This article discusses Flood Tide Allandra Grey and the mission given by her in BG3.

Who Is Flood Tide Allandra Grey?

In BG3, Allandra is a strict and devout woman who wants complete loyalty from her followers.

Moreover, she is a capable strategist and fighter who is not averse to using her might to defend her flock.

Allandra grey
Allandra Grey is an intriguing and prominent character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Flood Tide Allandra Grey is a human female priestess with a commanding demeanor.

Further, she is chaotic, nasty, and practices the same religion as her mother and grandma.

She thinks Umberlee expects blood and sacrifice from anybody who disobeys her authority.

Also, she is harsh and brutal to anybody who disobeys her or her goddess.

She gives the player a quest called Avenge the Drowned.

The mission entails locating and punishing the culprit who used a submersible gadget in the Grey Harbor to kill one of her disciples, Holli.

Moreover, she provides them with valuable information about the game’s world and inhabitants.

Therefore, In Baldur’s Gate 3, Allandra plays a significant role in the game’s story.

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Where To Find Flood Tide Allandra Grey?

Players can find Flood Tide Allandra Grey in the Water Queen’s House temple in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This temple is situated on the southern side of the Lower City.

You need to talk with a novitiate when you get to the temple so they can point you toward Allandra.

Although Allandra strikes a commanding and intimidating pose, she is also reasonable and fair.

She would be delighted to talk with you about your mission.

Moreover, she will give you all the necessary knowledge to be successful.

What Is Avenge The Drowned Mission?

Avenge the Drowned is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

To complete the task, you must look into the murder of a waveservant, an enemy of Umberlee, the sea goddess.

Then, at the Water Queen’s House in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate, you must speak with Allandra Grey.

She is lamenting the passing of her fellow waveservant, Holli, to begin the quest.

Moreover, players can learn more about Holli’s death by casting Speak with Dead on her corpse and asking her questions.

allandra grey assigning mission
Allandra Grey assigns the mission called Avenge the Drowned.

She will admit that a giant metal beast that contaminated Grey Harbor’s water killed her follower.

The beast came from Flymm Cargo, a warehouse across the water, the player learns after asking the fishermen in the harbor for hints.

By picking the lock, the player can enter Flymm Cargo and engage in combat with some worgs there.

Then, after moving some crates, they will discover a passage that goes to the basement.

There, they will encounter Redhammer the Deviser, an inventor who built the Iron Whale submarine.

Redhammer will acknowledge that he murdered Holli by mistake with his submarine.

However, he will also offer to take the player to the Iron Throne, an undersea jail.

In that jail, he holds several Gondian captives and other interesting personalities.

The player has two options:

  1. They can accept Redhammer’s invitation and visit the Iron Throne.
  2. Or, they can murder him and take control of his submarine.

The choice then becomes whether to give up Redhammer or protect him from the waveservants.

Depending on their decision, people will experience various benefits and drawbacks.

The Bottom Line

Flood Tide Allandra Grey is a powerful cleric and high priestess of Umberlee.

Also, she is the head of the Baldur’s Gate temple, the Water Queen’s House, and a significant person in the city.

Therefore, she plays a big part in Baldur’s Gate 3, giving the player character the mission to exact revenge on one of her lost followers.

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