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Add Get To Know Me Template In Your Instagram Story

Get To Know Me is a popular Instagram story template that allows users to share some personal information about themselves.

It lets users share some details about themselves like their name, nickname, age, zodiac sign, etc.

Users can add the Get to Know Me template to their Instagram Story by visiting the @addyoursextra page on Instagram. In the highlights AY11, you can find the template and click on “Add Yours”.
Continue reading to learn more about the template and how you can add it to your Instagram Story.

What Is Get To Know Me In Instagram?

Get To Know Me is an Instagram story template that is now trending among many users.

This template lets users share some details about themselves using the template.

It usually consists of a series of questions and choices that users can fill in with their answers.

Get to know me template Instagram story
Users can add the get to know me template to their story.

For instance, people can share their name, nickname, their latest obsession, and a song that matches their personality. 

Further, this template can help your Instagram followers to get to know you better.

Since all these small details disclose a lot about a person and their followers can look up to them.

Additionally, it is quite popular among celebrities to share little details about them with their fans.

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How To Add Get To Know Me Template In Your Instagram Story?

Adding a get to know me template to your Instagram story is a fun and easy way to share more about yourself with your followers.

Firstly, go to the @addyoursextra Instagram profile and go to the highlights ‘AY11.’

There you can find the Get To Know Me template and click on add yours which takes you to your Instagram Story.

Further, fill in all the details and customize the fonts and backgrounds as you prefer to post it on your story.

Instagram template from addyoursextra user
Users can add various popular story templates from the addyoursextra user.

Additionally, there are many templates available on the page such as A little about myself.

Other available templates on this Instagram page include Ask Me for a Letter, get to Know Me, About Us Couple Special, Never Have I Ever, etc.

Users can add the templates that they like from the Instagram story highlights to share in their stories.

Further, there are also additional ways to add the ‘Get to know me template’ in your story, such as:

1. Canva

Canva is an online design platform that has hundreds of Get To Know Me templates in different styles and themes.

Users can customize the fonts, colors, graphics, and photos to suit their personality and brand.

Further, save the template from canva and use it in your Instagram story for a personalized template.

2. Pinterest

Similarly, you can find some creative and fun templates on Pinterest from multiple creators.

Then, save the template to your camera roll or gallery on your phone.

Template from pinterest
Pinterest has some cute get-to-know-me templates to add to the Instagram Story.

Then, open the Instagram app, add the template to your story, fill in all the details, and share with your followers.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Get to Know Me is a popular Instagram template that users can add to their stories.

You can use these templates to introduce yourself, show your personality, and connect with your audience. 

Further, it is a creative way to communicate personal details to all your Instagram followers together.

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