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How To Play As JJK Gojo In Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 is a fighting game where you choose a character to battle with an opponent in a 1 vs 1 arena.

It offers a variety of characters including customizing your own character’s appearance and playing with it.

Moreover, JJk Gojo Sataru is not an in-game character but can be created through customization mode.

To play as Gojo, you have to create a character similar to his appearance in the game and also choose skills.

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Who Is JJK Gojo In Tekken 8?

JJK Gojo refers to the character Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen Anime which is a famous character.

In Tekken 8, JJK Gojo refers to the customized character of the anime with similar appearance and skill.

Since this character is not added to the list of main characters, it is optional as you can create only if you want.

Customization mode in Tekken 8 is a great feature where you can create your character as you want.

Gojo satoru
JJk Gojo refers to the Gojo Satoru character of an Anime named Jujutsu Kaizen.
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How To Customize JJk Gojo In Tekken 8?

Customizing the outfit and appearance of JJK Gojo requires knowing how the real character looks.

You take reference from the available picture and create a similar character using the customization mode in the game.

JJK Gojo In Teken 8
Follow the instructions to create an exact replica of Gojo in Tekken 8.

In the customize mode you will get multiple options from the type of Outfit to all the colors that you can change.

Therefore, follow these outfits to create your customized version of JJK Gojo in Tekken 8.

1. Hair Style And Colour

The default hairstyle is perfect to match with the Gojo hairstyle as it’s almost similar.

However, change the hair color to greyish white and fill some black shadows above the head.

2. Eyes

Gojo in Anime is famous for his light blue eyes which seem to be the most charming part of the character.

Therefore, choose light-blue colored eyes for the character and make sure that you choose big eyes.

3. Facial Hair

This character has no facial hair and a clear chin and chicks.

So, don’t add any facial hair, as it won’t match the character if added, and it won’t look like Gojo.

4. Glasses

You can open the Glasses option from the Clothes option on the main screen of Customization mode.

Choose, round black shades or cover your eyes with a black piece of cloth. Both looks match the character.

5. Upper And Lower Body

For the body, a black shirt and grey pants are perfect as the character in Anime is mostly seen in a Black Shirt.

Hence, for the upper and lower body, you can choose Tobi’s outfit with different colors.

6. Shoes

You can go with anything for shoes, but it should be black rather than any other color.

Going with any other colors won’t match as he is never seen in any shoes other than slippers and black shoes.

Ways To Play As JJK Gojo In Tekken 8

After the customization, save your character by paying the cost that came out after the customization.

Then, you can play as JJK Gojo in Tekken 8 in Arcade mode as it’s only available in an offline game option.

Remember, creating the character only works for you offline and you won’t be able to play it in other modes.

Therefore, follow these steps to play as JJK Gojo in Tekken 8.

  • Customize your character similar to JJK Gojo
  • Save your Customization 
  • Go to Arcade mode
  • Choose Customized Character In The Selection Option
  • Choose the character
  • Play as JJK Gojo

Does Tekken Offer Enough Tools for Gojo’s Moveset?

While he’s not officially part of Tekken 8, fans are using the game’s character customization to create Gojo-inspired fighters.

Gojo’s Attitude Adjustment is a spectacle, but replicating its drama in Tekken’s moves is challenging.

You need to focus on moves with dramatic animations and high damage output to characterize like Gojo.

The goal is to capture the Gojo’s moves, not a replica, so use customization tools creatively without fear.

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