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How To Complete Green Dream Team In WoW?

Green Dream Team is one of the missions of World of Warcraft( WoW).

However, due to its extreme difficulty, players are unable to progress through.

The Green Dream team quest appears in Amirdrassil’s Dream Wanderer’s icon on the map. In this quest, players must receive and summon the Rithro spell. 

Continue reading to explore the Green Dream Team and the process of completing the quest in WOW.

Green Dream Team Quest In WoW

The Green Dream Team is the mission of the Dragon Isles, Emerald Dream.

The quest appears in patch, which was released in late September 2023.

As the quest is optional, players can accept or decline the offer.

green dream team wow
Accept or Decline Elliana’s offer.

The quests suggest the energy can assist in achieving the infusion.

Hence, in this mission, players must Perform a Lesser dream infusion and learn a Spell.

However, the Spell could vary from players; they can get Snorr, Rithro or any other spells.

Thankfully, players can complete similar quests with the latest update yesterday.

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Mission Guide For Green Dream Team In WoW

To finish the Quest in World of Warcraft, follow the given procedures,

1. Head To Amirdrassil

Players shall see A Worthy Ally: Dream Wanders on the map to start the quest on Amirdrassil’s location.

However, players should ensure they are at least 70 levels before starting the quest.

Amirdrassil Wow map location
Reach Amirdrassil and find Elliana.

In the area, players will see Eliana, the dream Infuser, near Wolf and Inquisitor Sonalida in World Of Warcraft.

Eliana will provide players with the quests, so players read the lore item from Eliana and click on Green Dream Team.

2. Summon The Spell

Players should initially collect the given Spell, including Rithro, from the backpacks.

The Rithro spell teaches how to summon and dismiss the companions in WOW.

After the cooldown period is over, players should open the Pet Journal.

Under the journal section, players should search for Rithro.

Rithro pet journal
Search for Rithro in Pet Journal.

Further, players should click on Rithro and enter the Summon button.

Lastly, players must head to Green Dream Team again and click Complete Quest.

Upon completing the quest, players will receive 1200 experience points, dream energy and dream infusion.

The quest also grants players two golds, 80 silver and 90 bronze currencies.

The currencies can come in handy while progressing or upgrading the character.

Further, players can also use the Spell to vendor within 2 hours for a full refund.

Players must exchange the lesser dream infusion by viewing Dream Infusions.

The Bottom Line

The  Dream Team is one of the quests of the latest patch, which requires 70 levels and appears in Amirdrassil.

The quest is simple as players must only complete a single requirement, i.e., perform dream infusion.

Upon completing the Dream Team mission, players will receive 1200 XP and hundreds of currencies.

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