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What is the Right Size Desk for Your Home Office?

One of the most important components of a workspace is a Desk.

You should pick a Desk size that offers you space to work and keep your essential supplies.

As an individual working from home for a long time, choosing the right-sized work Desk that provides optimal output can be tricky.

The standard Desk size for a home office is a 30-inch tall Desk with a 60-inch wide and 30-inch deep that would be most comfortable for an average worker. The Desk should be at least 48 inches wide, but the height and depth can be the same.

However, there are a few things to consider while deciding on the ideal Desk size for your home office.

Therefore, let us discuss some specific factors that will assist an individual in making that decision.

Understanding the Typical Desk Size Measurement

Before we get into depth about the average Desk dimensions for various Desks, it is important to understand how a Desk is measured.

People often misunderstand the depth and width of Desks, resulting in purchasing the wrong-sized Desk. Keep the following measurements in mind:

Width: Width is the horizontal length of the table that you measure from the left to the right side.

Depth: Depth is the measurement of the table from the backside to the front side.

Height: Height is the table measurement from the base to the top.

Dimension of office desk
Height, width and depth are the three dimensions of a Desk.

How High Should my Work Desk be?

The normal work Desk ranges in height from 28 inches for a sitting Desk to 44 inches for a standing Desk for individuals with heights of 5.5 and 6 feet.

However, for a 5’2 individual, the appropriate Desk height would be 24 inches. This height allows the worker to enjoy a comfortable workday without bending or hunching regularly.

With this height and good quality customizable chair, an individual would have enough leg space under the Desk.

The height mentioned earlier is the standard height for a work Desk in-home office. But, sometimes, the standard might not be compatible with everyone.

In this situation, a basic rule of thumb is to add one inch to the Desk for every three extra inches over 5’2 to determine the person’s ideal height.

Here is the table that includes the ideal Desk height according to the individual’s height.

User height (feet/cm)Desk height while seated (feet)Desk height while standing (feet)
5 ft or 153 cm24.236.5
5 ft 1 inch or 155.5 cm24.637
5 ft 2 inches or 158 cm2537.5
5 ft 3 inches or 160.5 cm25.438
5 ft 4 inches or 163 cm25.839
5 ft 5 inches or 165.5 cm26.239.5
5 ft 6 inches or 168 cm26.640.5
5 ft 7 inches or 170.5 cm2741
5 ft 8 inches or 173 cm27.441.5
5 ft 9 inches or 175.5 cm27.842.5
5 ft 10 inches or 178 cm28.243
5 ft 11 inches or 180.5 cm28.643.5
6 ft or 183 cm2944
6 ft 1 inch or 185.5 cm29.444.5
6 ft 2 inches or 188 cm29.845.5
6 ft 3 inches or 190.5 cm30.246
6 ft 4 inches or 193 cm30.647
6 ft 5 inches or 195.5 cm3147.5
6 ft 6 inches or 198 cm31.548
6 ft 7 inches or 200.5 cm31.949
6 ft 8 inches or 203 cm32.349.5
6 ft 9 inches or 205.5 cm32.750
6 ft 10 inches or 208 cm33.150.5
6 ft 11 inches or 210.5 cm33.551
The Desk height calculator will help you determine the right range for your seat, Desk, and monitor.

Additionally, purchasing a height-adjustable Desk would be suggestible to taller or shorter individuals who are not within the height limit mentioned above.

Here are Some of the Popular Height-adjustable Work Desks;

Height Adjustable DeskFeaturesImage
FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk1. Height adjustable
2. Electric lift system
3. Can support upto 155 lbs
FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk
WOKA Dual Motor Standing Desk1. 24"D x 48"W x 27.6"H
2. Cable tray and hook included
3. Dual motor design
WOKA Dual Motor Standing Desk
Molblly Electric Standing Desk1. 24"D x 40"W x 25.5"H
2. Ergonomic design
3. Can support upto 220 lbs
Molblly Electric Standing Desk

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How Wide Should my Work Desk be?

If you have convenient storage space for the files that usually end up on your Desk, you would not require a spacious Desk.

However, a large Desk would be necessary if you intend to squeeze the most out of your Desk.

In the cases mentioned above, the width of the Desk would be a crucial factor in work convenience.

The standard width for an office Desk is 48 inches, 60 inches or 72 inches (122 cm, 152 cm, or 183 cm).

Having a Desk with a standard width has its benefits. But it might not be the one for you.

If you are unsure of your requirements, choosing a Desk with the width mentioned above would be perfectly fine.

If you don’t have much room, you might choose a smaller Desk with a filing cabinet similar to the Desk height.

Before choosing the width of your home office Desk, consider the equipment you will use on it, including a laptop, desktop computer, display (or several monitors), table lamps, keyboard, or mouse.

You can consider referring to the table below for a better understanding;

Desk WidthWhat you can fit
24 to 32 inchesLaptop, Mouse and small Keyboard
32 to 48 inchesMedium sized single monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
48 to 60 inchesTwo medium-sized monitors, keyboard, mouse, speaker
60 to 72 inchesThree medium-sized monitors, keyboard, mouse, speaker and other equipment

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How Deep Should my Work Desk be?

A depth of around 30 inches or 76 cm would be ideal for most office setups.

The work Desk should be 24 inches to 36 inches deep if you intend to work from your home or corporate office.

The minimum depth for a Desk should be 24 inches. At knee level, a minimum depth clearance of 18 inches is required.

A Desk 30 to 36 inches deep can easily fit a computer monitor, keyboard, and telephone, and there would still be more space for your files and free space to work on.

But, you can increase the depth as the required width can differ if you have multiple workers using the Desk or if you intend to use multiple monitors.

What is the Standard Desk Size?

While picking out a work Desk for a home office, looking at commonly used Desks and their sizes can be a great starting point for an unknown buyer.

As a general rule, the Desk size for a home office is a 30-inch tall Desk with 60 inch X 30-inch base that would suit an average worker the most.

Here we have enlisted the standard Desk size according to the Desk type. Please refer to the table below;

Type of DeskDesk Width (Inches)Desk Depth (Inches)Desk Height (Inches)
Writing Desk42 to 6028 to 3028 to 30
Computer Desk50 to 6528 to 3428 to 30
Executive Desk55 to 6530 to 3628 to 30
Floating Desk48 to 7224 to 3627 to 30
Armoire Desk35 to 4224 to 3628 to 30
Secretary Desk29 to 4220 to 2535 to 40
Gaming Desk55 to 6528 to 3528 to 30
Sitting Desk55 to 60 30 to 3428 to 30
Standing Desk42 to 5524 to 3230 to 44
L-shaped Desk60 to 72 42 to 6028 to 30
Two-Person Desk60 to 72 24 to 36 28 to 30
Multiple Monitor Desk60 to 7230 to 3628 to 30

So, when selecting the appropriate-sized work Desk for the home office, looking at some of these Desk sizes can be helpful.

Some of the best Home Office Desk is listed in the table below;

Work DeskDimensionImage
CubiCubi Computer Home Office Desk23.6"D x 55"W x 29.5"H
Sturdy Stable for Use
Cubi Cubi Computer Desk
Bestier Computer Desk47"D x 25"W x 47"H
Multifunctional Desk
Desk with 4 Tier Shelves
Bestier Computer Desk
Cubiker Computer Desk23.8"D x 55"W x 28"H
Equipped with adjustable foot pads
Cubiker Computer Desk

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What Size Desk is Suitable for Multiple Monitors?

A Desk that fits multiple monitors should also accommodate keyboards and a mouse and have enough space to perform paperwork.

A Desk size of 50 inches or dimensions 60 inches X 50 inches will be ideal if you use multiple monitors.

Home office desk facing the wall
A Desk 60 to 72 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 30 inches high would be ideal for multiple monitor setup.

Additionally, a size in-between 45 inches to 55 inches would be the ideal size range for a work Desk for a home office.

On the other hand, a 50-inch Desk might not be readily available, so choosing from the size range mentioned above would be perfect.

Furthermore, adding additional length to the measurements would also be suggestible if required.

Read more if you are interested in learning about Desk size for three monitor setup.

What is a Typical Two-Person Desk Size?

If you have a two-person setup for your home office, you’d require a Desk that can accommodate both workers.

Using two Desks can be a good option, but a more oversized two-person Desk has benefits.

The typical 2-person Desk dimension is 60 inches to 72 inches X 48 inches to 60 inches.

As mentioned above, a typical two-person work Desk is 60 inches to 72 inches wide. Similarly, 48 inches to 60 inches is the ideal depth for a two-person Desk.

This measurement provides both workers enough room at the Desk to perform their daily tasks.

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How Large should the L-Shaped Desk be?

The L-shaped Desk allows for performing multiple tasks without having to mix them. But, this might require a larger than average Desk.

In general, an L-shaped desk should be 62 inches to 70 inches long and 48 inches to 50 inches for the shorter side and at least 30 inches deep.

If an L-shaped Desk has two sides, both sides should be equal.

two horizontal and one vertical monitor setup
L-shaped Desk should be 60 to 72 inches wide and at least 30 inches deep.

But, the 70 inches along the table width should be bent to form the L shape of the Desk.

This allows the user to perform multiple works with enough accessibility to all the contents on the Desk.

Some attractive L shaped Desk that is affordable as well as comfortable for your home offices are;

Read more to find out the ideal Desk return you should have for your home office.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Right-Sized Desk

Analyzing the required width, depth, height, and points mentioned above might be the primary factors while choosing the Desk.

But there are other aspects to consider while choosing the right-sized Desk for home offices.

Some of these factors are mentioned below:

1. Affordability

Though this might seem obvious, buying a Desk within a specific price range is a significant factor in maintaining sound economic movement.

For example, despite it not being valid for every situation, many people work from home while in the initial phase of their business.

In such a case, having a big Desk allows the worker to perform multiple tasks, but a cheap price tag is necessary.

Furthermore, choosing a mid-sized work Desk with multiple compartments would be suggestible if you are on a low budget.

This way, you can manage your files and organize your work accessories.

In addition, this allows you to have a smaller Desk and more space for other office items.

Read on to learn how much a built-in Desk would cost.

2. Space Management

You should consider the size of your home office while choosing the work Desk.

Additionally, managed office with a compatible Desk would surely add to your productivity.

If your home office contains multiple workers, a large Desk covering the central part of the room might be required.

Home office size
The standard size for a home office is 50 to 150 square feet.

This way, you can assign specific aspects of the Desk to your associates and make full use of the room.

Getting a relatively small Desk would be preferable if you are a worker requiring more office space for other tasks.

3. Work Compatibility

Consider the Desk’s work compatibility when selecting one for your home office.

It simply implies that the workstation should be appropriate for the type of job that you do.

For example, if you are an artist, the Desk should be large enough to accommodate your paintbrushes, canvas, or other accessories.

Similarly, if you have a startup business, you might need to work long workdays simultaneously for hours on end and multiple projects.

A desk that provides extendable or foldable features could prove essential in such a case.

Likewise, getting a small Desk can be a better choice if you need a Desk just for a computer desktop or a single purpose.

4. Room for Office Chair

Along with the work Desk, a reliable chair is equally essential for productive work output.

Therefore, while choosing a Desk for your home office, choose one that compliments the office chair.

For example, purchasing a more prominent and wide work Desk could be better if you have a rolling chair.

second monitor vertical
Choose a Desk big enough to fit your office chair.

Likewise, a large work Desk would not create additional problems if you own a height-customizable or amovable chair.

Similarly, a small Desk would be better for an ordinary chair user as you would not need to slide or move from side to side.

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5. Desk Compartments

Purchasing a small Desk with several Desk compartments would be better for you if you are involved in a chaotic work environment.

Desk drawers reduce the amount of space needed for file storage, yet a Desk without drawers would seem more attractive.

But a larger-sized Desk would be required for this type of workplace.

Choose a large Desk with storage if you love a cleaner workspace and want to fit all the necessary equipment.

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Final Takeaway

Finally, after going through this article, you can choose the right-sized Desk for your home office.

You can choose from the standard work Desks mentioned above or get a custom Desk per your requirement.

If you like a workstation that allows you to sit and stand, you may consider purchasing an adjustable Desk or a bar-height Desk.

Are you unsure whether to purchase a Desk or a Table for your home office? You may read our post to learn the differences between a Desk and a Table.
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