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How To Bypass GoGuardian? Tips And Tricks

GoGuardian is a software that monitors and filters student online activity, though occasionally, it can be too intrusive.

If you want to access websites that GoGuardian blocks without being tracked, you might look for ways to bypass it.

You can bypass GoGuardian using a VPN, proxy websites, end task manager, and open cached website links. However, bypassing GoGuardian can violate the school’s policy and may result in disciplinary action.

This article will explore everything about GoGuardian and some useful methods to bypass it.

What Is GoGuardian?

GoGuardian is a surveillance tool that schools use to spy on their students(K-12). It helps schools manage and monitor their digital learning environment.

It provides features like content filtering, screen monitoring and time management tools.

Also, it has a website where users can log in to their accounts, access the tools and get support.

Here are some of the benefits of GoGuardian.

  1. It can filter and monitor any device and OS(Operating System) with K-12’s content filter.
  2. It can notify designated staff about online activities that reduce the risk of suicide, self-harm etc.
  3. GoGuardian has a world-class support team that provides direct support for teachers and admins.
  4. It has a dedicated impact research team that studies and enhances the digital learning environment.
Note: GoGuardian is used by thousands of schools across the U.S. and has become a popular tool for managing students’ activities.

Why Do You Need To Bypass The GoGuardian?

Bypassing GoGuardians is challenging and requires a deep understanding of network infrastructures.

While bypassing GoGuardian or any web filtering software is inappropriate, some students may want to bypass these filters for various reasons.

Some of the common reasons are listed below.

  1. To access restricted websites such as social media or adult or drug-related content.
  2. To sidestep censorship of content that is inappropriate for students’ learning.
  3. To access games and other entertainment.
  4. To increase privacy.
  5. To protect against online security threats.

How To Bypass GoGuardian On Chromebook?

GoGuardian is installed by your school, and they have control over the settings and permission of the software.

If you use a school-issued device, GoGuardian can monitor and control your screen activity.

The answer is no if you’re a student and want to bypass GoGuardian on a Chromebook issued by your school or another educational institution.

Eventually, students can’t access the GoGuardian admin panel.

bypass goguardian
The website is blocked by the GoGuardian admin.

However, bypassing or disabling GoGuardian for your students is possible via the admin panel if you are a teacher or admin.

Read more to learn how to bypass the ChatGPT filter and discover why it is unethical.

How To Bypass GoGuardian As A Student?

Bypassing GoGuardian as a student is difficult, but it is possible.

If you get or know GoGuardian admin credentials by any chance, you can bypass any URL that the admin of GoGuardian has blocked.

Likewise, you can easily remove black-listed websites and make them easily accessible.

Here you will find some exciting tricks for bypassing or disabling GoGuardian as a student from Chrome.

Follow the steps below to open the cached website link to bypass GoGuardian.

  1. First, search for the website name you want to access via the Google search bar. For example, type Discord.
  2. Then, click the three vertical dots near the link and select the Cached option from the new window.
bypass go goguardian Cached website
Open Cached website link to bypass GoGuardian.

This way, you can access the restricted site efficiently.

However, be aware that your admin or teacher can view your screen anytime, so proceed cautiously.

Note: If you have cleared your browser’s cache memory, the cached link won’t work.

2. End Task Manager

The task manager is inaccessible if the GoGuardian admin has blocked it on Chrome.

These are the steps you need to take if the task manager is accessible.

  1. Foremost, open your Chromebook and type the site name you want to access.
  2. Press the Shift+Esc button on your keyboard to open Chrome Task Manager.
  3. Then, click on the GoGuardian option from the task manager, and finally, click on the end process button.
bypass goguardian taskmanger
Bypass GoGuardian via Chromebook Task Manager.

In this way, you can easily access any site without any intervention.

3. Use Proxy Websites

Proxy websites are services that allow you to browse the web by hiding your IP address.

You can use proxy websites to bypass GoGuardian. To use it, you need to have a Replit account.

If you don’t have then create a Replit account and log in to it.

  1. Firstly search for the Ultraviolet account in the search bar and click on it.
  2. Click on the fork repl option and again click the fork repl button.
search for ultraviolate bypass goguardian
Search for ultraviolate to bypass GoGuardian.
  1. Then after, click on the run button. Here, a unique URL will generate on the right side.
  2. Copy that URL and paste it on the Google search bar.
copy the url paste on google search bar
Copy that URL and paste it on the Google search bar.

This way, you can easily bypass GoGuardian and enjoy using the blocked websites.

Note: Some proxy websites may save your activities and expose your information to a third party. Therefore, it is necessary to use a reliable and trustworthy proxy website when browsing the web. 

4. Use A Reliable VPN

You can use a VPN service that offers more features and protection.

It can help protect you from monitoring and allows you to bypass content filtering.

Some VPNs are free, while some are paid. It is important to choose a VPN that meets your need.

vpn connected bypass goguardian
You can use a reliable VPN to bypass GoGuardian.

Alternatively, you can use Tor, a great way to bypass GoGuardian internet filters.

Continue reading to discover some of the best VPNs to use for ChatGPT.

5. Using DNS Tunneling

DNS tunneling is another way that can be used to bypass internet filters. It is a method of cyber attack that encodes other programs’ data.

DNS tunneling is not a simple task, and it can have serious consequences if done for malicious purposes.

You must know how to register a domain, set up a server, and install a DNS tunneling program.

Therefore, I do not recommend doing it unless you have legitimate reasons or permission from the network owners.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that bypassing a monitoring tool like GoGuardian is unethical and potentially illegal.

The Bottom Line

Following the rules and policies of the school or any educational organization is vital.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned method will help you bypass GoGuardian.

However, bypassing web filters can result in consequences that can negatively impact your academic and personal life too.

That’s why I suggest you follow your school’s rules and use the Internet safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is  Bypassing GoGuardian Illegal?

Bypassing GoGuardian is not considered illegal as long as you are not using it for illegal purposes.

However, it could be against the organization’s policy and get you in trouble.

Can GoGuardian Control Your Screen?

Yes, GoGuardian can monitor and control the screen.

It is a classroom management tool that allows teachers to view every student’s screen in real time and sends alerts if it detects any inappropriate activities.

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