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How To Make A 2023 Recap Video Using Editing Apps?

The year 2023 has come to an end and people are wondering how to make a recap video for themselves.

This trend is getting viral on social media where people are using some video editing apps to create a recap video.

If you are wondering how to make a 2023 recap video, you should use a good video editing tool like Capcut and use the 2023 recap template. Therefore, users should pick certain templates that meet their video recap criteria.

Continue reading this article to unveil how to make the best 2023 recap video using a video editor.

What Is 2023 Recap Instagram/Tiktok Reel?

TikTok and Instagram Reel have become two of the most reliable tools for posting video snippets.

Hence, people make use of hashtags to create new trends by designing a new edit template.

Similarly, a new trend called the 2023 recap video is getting viral where users portray their year’s highlights.

 2023 recap video on Instagram
Example of a 2023 recap video on Instagram Reel.

The video itself is very short where various collages of images play until the feature music stops.

Additionally, users have been using #2023 Recap on these videos to create a new trend since the end of December.

Therefore, users must learn this trend to share their year in review with their friends and families.

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Steps To Make A 2023 Recap Video

There are several steps that users must follow to make a 2023 recap video. They are:

  1. Firstly, users must pick a good video editing app like Capcut or VN App.
  2. Secondly, users must pick the 2023 recap template for these apps before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Then, users must allow gallery access for these apps so that they can access the photos.
  4. Users can now select multiple photos from their phones to use in the template.
  5. They can also select the order of photos that appear in the final video edit.
  6. Now, they should click ‘Next‘ to add any feature song of their liking.
  7. Finally, the app will automatically generate a recap video for the user after some time.

Templates For Making 2023 Recap Video

Here are the video templates for Capcut and VN editor apps:

1. Capcut Video Templates

Capcut is a famous video editing app that allows users to be creative with their video content.

Hence, users can use many template links to make a recap video using Capcut.

In fact, users can visit the official Capcut website to discover the best Capcut template that suits them.

However, users must download the Capcut app and open the template in the app to use this feature.

2. VN Video Templates

VN app is another video editing app that is making a name for itself on social media platforms.

Therefore, users can download this app to make a recap video with a VN template.

Vn App 2023 recap image
To make a 2023 recap video using VN, just scan this image.

To make this edit, users must scan the above image in the VN app to directly load the image.

Finally, they can use custom images and audio to make a highlight video of the year for themselves.

The Bottom Line

Recap videos are a good way of representing yourself to people on social media.

Additionally, it refreshes your memory of the entire year by creating a summarized video clip.

Hence, you must make one using a good video editing app to leave your mark on social media.

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