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Human Or Not Shutting Down: The Inside Story

Human or Not is a game where you have to guess whether the person you are chatting with is a human or a bot.

However, the game faced some technical and ethical issues that led to its shutdown by the creator, Syedmahadasif.

Human or Not is shut down by its creator, Syedmahadasif. Therefore, rather than trying to fix this issue, one can try another game, Real or AI and Bot or AI. Moreover, people can explore the fascinating world of chatbots in new ways.

Let’s continue reading more to explore the issues and fixes to Human or Not shut down. 

Why Is Human Or Not Shutting Down?

Human or Not is a game of testing intelligence where you can chat with the other side for two minutes.

The game is simple and minimalistic: chat with someone and then try to figure out if they are a bot or a human.

human or not
The main page of the Human or Not AI game.

Unfortunately, the game’s creator, Syedmahadasif, posted on Reddit that Human or Not is shutting down.

He said it was because of some technical issues.

Reddit Human
Syedmahadasif posted the shutting down of Human or Not due to technical issues.

Some more possible reasons for Human or Not shutting down are as follows:

The high demand for data and processing power is a possible reason for the game’s shutdown.

The game had to run chatbots and a human verification system.

This could have caused performance problems like slow loading, glitches, or errors.

Another possible reason is that the game faced ethical challenges like privacy, security, or bias issues. 

For example, some users might have been concerned about how the game used or stored their data or how the chatbots were trained or evaluated.

These issues could have led to some legal or social backlash or reduced the trust and engagement of the users.

Fixes To Human Or Not Shutting Down

Shutting down Human or Not has been a disappointment to the people. They’re wondering about the fixes to this issue.

However, the game’s creator shut down the Human or Not. So, it is not easy to fix Human or Not shutting down.

Moreover, you can try some of these options to cope with the situation:

  • You can play the game until it shuts down and enjoy it as much as possible.
  • You can also take screenshots or record videos of your chats and save them for later.
  • You can play the other game that the creator suggested, Real or AI. In this game, you have to guess whether an image is actual or generated by artificial intelligence.
Real Or AI
You have to guess whether an image is actual or generated by artificial intelligence. 
  • You can also search for similar games online, such as Bot or Not. In this game, you should guess whether a human or a bot writes a tweet.
Bot or not
You should guess whether a human or a bot writes a tweet.
  • You can contact the game’s creator and express your appreciation and feedback.
  • You can also ask him about his plans for making a similar game and if he needs any help or support. He seems to be active on Reddit and Twitter.
  • You can learn more about chatbots and how they work. You can also try making your chatbot using online tools or platforms like Replika, Rasa, or Dialogflow.

The Bottom Line

It was a fun and challenging way to test your skills and knowledge of chatbots and human communication.

Many users were disappointed by the shutdown of Human or Not, as they enjoyed playing it and learning from it.

As a result of the closure of Human or Not, many people have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of chatbots in new ways.

Continue reading to learn more about Human or Not unblocked and how to play AI girlfriend escape game.
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