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Radiohead In Infinite Craft: Legendary English Rock Band

Players can now craft Radiohead, one of the biggest rock bands in the world, in Infinite Craft.

Similarly, players can also craft other bands like AC/DC, Metallica, Opeth, and Dream Theater in Infinite Craft.

Upon crafting Radiohead in Infinite Craft, players can also use it as the recipe for Daft Punk and Starboy.

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Infinite Craft: Mechanism Behind Radiohead

In Infinite Craft, players can explore their imaginative skills and creativity to craft various entities in the game.

By fusing the correct recipes in Infinite Craft, players can secure beautiful outcomes.

Similarly, the game also provides the opportunity for players to craft one of the legendary rock bands, Radiohead.

It is mandatory to fuse the right components and learn the mechanism behind crafting a Radiohead in Infinite Craft.

Radiohead In infinite Craft
Players can now craft Radiohead by fusing Radio and River while playing Infinite Craft.

The components and mechanisms for crafting a Radiohead in Infinite Craft are the radio and the river.

Players must first craft both Radio and River and fuse them to secure the Radiohead in the game.

Explore the different crafting ingredients in Infinite Craft and discover how they work to craft essentials.

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Roadmap To Crafting A RadioHead In Infinite Craft

Radiohead is one of the many English rock bands that players can craft while playing Infinite Craft.

To begin the crafting process, players should first combine the primary components that are required to make a Radiohead.

It is essential to set up the foundation before you can fuse the right ingredients to craft the Radiohead.

Here is a detailed explanation of how you can form a Radiohead in the game:

1. Setting Up Foundation 

Before crafting the Radiohead, players must create a perfect foundation for the easy crafting process.

The primary recipes for crafting Radiohead are River and Radio, so it is essential to set up a foundation for them both.

Here is the list of foundational items that are essential for crafting Radiohead:

  • Dust + Dust = Sand
  • Sand + Fire = Glass
  • Glass + Fire = Lens
  • Lens + Lens = Telescope
  • Lens + Fire = Magnifying Glass
  • Telescope + Magnifying Glass = Microscope

2. Crafting Radio

As soon as you have the foundation for Radiohead, you should start by creating the radio as the main component.

To craft radio in Infinite Craft, players must combine a microscope with waves.

Thus, as you have already set the foundation, you can instantly use the recipes for the microscope and fuse them with waves.

Here are the basic steps to follow for crafting radio in Infinite Craft:

  • Water + Wind = Wave
  • Wave + Microscope = Radio

3. Crafting River

Once you have created your first item, you should create the second element needed to craft Radiohead.

Subsequently, proceed forward to craft The River as a second recipe for Radiohead.

Crafting River In Infinite Craft
Players should prepare River as an essential recipe for crafting Radiohead in the game.

Players should combine the tree and water to form the river in the game.

Here are the steps to craft the river in Infinite Craft:

  • Plant + Earth = Tree
  • Tree + Water = River

4. Crafting Radio Head In Infinite Craft

Finally, once you prepare the River and Radio, items that are required for crafting the Radio Head, you can initiate the crafting process.

Players should now combine both River and Radio to craft the Radio Head in Infinity Craft.

Here is the final process to craft the Radiohead in Infinite Craft:

  • River + Radio = RadioHead
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