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Learn About The Twitter Timeline Not Working Issue

The popular social media platform Twitter/X faced an outage resulting in users’s timelines not working properly.

In fact, users can be seen complaining online that their Twitter timeline was completely blank.

On December 21, 2023, the Twitter timeline faced an issue where the user’s Twitter went completely blank and was not showing any tweets. Additionally, they complained that they were just stuck with a “Welcome to your Timeline” on Twitter.

Continue reading this article to learn why the Twitter timeline is not working.

Introduction To Twitter Timeline Gone/Empty In 2023

Twitter is an online social media platform where users can share their minds with other people.

Additionally, Twitter displays various tweets on the user’s feed based on their liking and content preferences.

However, the platform faced an issue where users were unable to see any feeds in their timelines.

Users complaining about their twitter timeline gone
Users complaining about their Twitter timeline gone as seen on platform X.

Moreover, it globally affected everyone as #twitterout was trending on every other social media platform.

This is not the first time that Twitter has faced this issue as similar cases have occured in the past.

According to users online, their Twitter account displayed nothing more than a blank page in their timeline after the outage.

Furthermore, users were neither able to navigate to any pages nor load up any DM’s.

Also, the outage lasted more than an hour, raising user concerns all around the world.

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How To Fix “Welcome To Your Timeline Issue” On Twitter?

Users on social media are posting about how their Twitter/X timeline went empty during the outage.

Specifically, the users could only see the “Welcome to your timeline” page on their Twitter accounts.

Users complaining about their twitter timeline gone
Users complaining about their Twitter timeline gone as seen on platform X.

Soon later, users were wondering whether they could bypass or fix this issue or not.

However, they must know that there are no possible fixes that allow users to overcome this issue.

In fact, this is a recurring bug on the platform that has also appeared in the past.

During that time, Twitter fixed this issue by themselves as it was a known bug on the platform.

Hence, since this issue also follows that blueprint, Twitter will probably fix this issue very soon.

But until then, users have no option but to wait till this issue is fixed by Twitter themselves.

Problems Faced By Users While The Twitter Timeline Was Empty

Here are some of the problems that users faced while the platform was facing the issue:

  • Firstly, users are stuck on the “Welcome to your timeline” page the whole time.
  • Secondly, every page that users visited displayed an empty page without any content.
  • Thirdly, users were unable to load any DM’s or messages on the platform.
  • Hence, it can be concluded that the issue affected the display function of the app.
Twitter API issue
The “timeline not working” issue might be tied to Twitter’s API bug.
  • As for the server side, a user shared that the app was facing lots of “Service Unavailable” issues on their API.

The Bottom Line

Twitter, now known as X is a victim of the frozen timeline issue yet once again.

Moreover, the popularity of the platform has sent its users into a frenzy online as they cannot use its services.

However, they must not panic as their services are slowly back online in every region of the world.

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