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Lethal Company Update Masks: Comedy And Tragedy

An update has been made on masks in Lethal Company in its new version where players can find updated masks and loots.

With the Lethal Company update, players can now pick up and hold Comedy and Tragedy Masks.

Lethal Company Masks are updated to Comedy and Tragedy masks in a new version named Version 45. Wearing these masks will carry a chance of being possessed and changing into a masked monster.

This article further provides clear information about the updated Lethal company masks and their effects.

Details On The Lethal Company Masks Update

Lethal company has provided a recent update on the masks for its users.

There are now two ways for masks to spawn. The first occurs naturally as an adversary, while the second is when a player wears a Comedy or Tragedy mask.

After wearing a mask, a player has a 65% chance to kill as well as possess the wearer every five seconds.

This process will have a chance of being possessed and becoming a masked monster.

Break Down Of Lethal Company Masks

  • Pick and Wear: Throughout the game, players can locate and wear these masks.
  • Possession Chance: Wearing a mask increases your chances of experiencing something unusual.  You can become possessed and transform into a formidable monster with a mask.
  • Masked Monsters: These aren’t your typical adversaries. They are strong opponents in the game because of their special powers.
  • Comedy and Tragedy: These are the two categories of masks.

Players can be amazed with varying powers or traits depending on the category when they become possessed.

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Lethal Company Update Masks

The new update for Lethal Company introduced two intriguing new masks: the Dramatic Mask and the Tragedy Mask.

1. Tragedy Mask

The Tragedy Mask represents one of the new items in the Lethal Company Version 45 release.

After wearing the mask, you will find the following changes in you:

  • You will not enjoy yourself in Lethal Company if you find and put on the new Tragedy Mask.
  • You will soon begin to take damage from wearing the Tragedy Mask, and eventually, it will kill you.
  •  Regretfully, it appears that there is nothing you can do to stop it from occurring.
  • Since the Tragedy Mask is effectively a mimic, your crewmates will continue to hunt you down even though you have passed away.
  • This is because an enemy version of you is donning the mask.
  • As they approach, other players will notice your exact player model, which has just put on the mask.
Tragic mask on player
This is what a Tragedy mask looks like.

2. Comedy Mask

The Comedy Mask is amongst the Update 45’s newest additions to Lethal Company.

Throughout the Facilities, you will find several Comedy Masks.

You will find the most common locations for this trash to be at higher-threat moons such as Dine, Rend, and Titan.

In Lethal Company, you can pick up the Dramatic Mask and place it against your face using the left mouse button.

Moreover, you will find every mask has a timer that changes based on the emotion of the mask.

You possess the wear time of 10 seconds using Comedy Task unless the Mask takes over.

Dramatic mask in Lethal company
You will find several Comedy Masks in the game.

Where Can You Obtain The New Lethal Company Mask?

Players can find the new Lethal Company Mask anywhere if included in the game.

Simply players can search the areas on the ground where Lethal Company products can be found, such as within buildings and facilities.

Remember that your character will put on the Tragic Mask when you interact with it, which will be your adventure’s extent.

You’re about to die, and in the interim, you’re the mask, prepared to stalk your friends.

The Bottom Line

You can pick up and hold the Comedy and Tragedy Masks up to your face, but doing so might possess you and turn you into a masked monster!

Players should be cautious while wearing these masks as it entirely depends on their emotions.

If you die while wearing the mask, it will take over your body and restore to life you as a masked figure.

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