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Is Manni Perez Behind The Lucia’s Voice In Gta 6?

Several players around are world are anticipating the release of the classic GTA 6 and it is a rumour that Manni Perez is included as the voice actor.

By looking at several community discussions, most players believe that Manni Perez is behind Lucia’s voice actor.

As the GTA  6 launch date is coming near day by day, several fans have anticipated that the famous Hollywood actress Manni Perez will have a role in the game. As the community engages in the guessing game, most of them have guessed Lucia’s voice actor’s sound is similar to that of Manni Perez.

Continue reading to learn if Manni Perez is behind Lucia’s voice in GTA 6.

Manni L Perez And GTA 

GTA and Manni L Perez have a close connection and Perez’s association with GTA is not surprising news.

As Manni L Perez has already worked for the GTA in its previous series, the possibility of returning to GTA 6 is maximum.

Mannui L Perez has already played as a clubber in both GTA V and GTA V online, she is famous within the Rockstar gaming.

Moreover, players can also witness Manni L Perez in the episode of Law and Order SVU and her recent interview discussing her new project.

Since Mannu L Perez is a familiar face on the Rockstar platform, several players are expecting her to be the voice actor behind Lucia.

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Lucia And Manni L Perez: GTA 6

The whole GTA community is willing to learn about Lucia, a protagonist character in GTA 6.

Similarly,  players are willing to uncover the secrets behind Lucia and her voice Actor.

As of now, most of the users believe that the Lucia in GTA 6 might be Manni L Perez or Ana Esposito.

Manni Perez gta 6
Most players believe it is Manni L Perez behind the scenes

Both of these actresses have already been part of the GTA series, so users are abuzz with the confusion regarding Lucia.

Even if Lucia’s character resembles Ana Esposito while analyzing her physical appearance, they look the same.

However, while comparing the voices of Lucia with Manni L Perez, most players believe it is Manni L Perez behind the scenes.

The Voice Resemblance

You can check the recent interview of Manni L Perez with the DJ Echo before analyzing the news by yourself.

Similarly, during the conversation, you can observe the posture of Manni L Perez when talking about the GTA.

Her facial expression changes and she only replies the answer No when being asked about whether she is working on GTA.

Manni Perez gta 6
Listen to the interview with the DJ and compare her voice to Lucia in GTA 6.

This subtle reaction has ignited the whole GTA community, as the voice of Lucia is insanely similar to Manni L Perez.

So most of the users are anticipating that Manni L Perez is behind the Lucia voice actor and is under a strict NDA.

Thus, the probability of ingesting the  Manni L Perez voice for Lucia’ has ignited an extra layer of excitement within the community.

The Bottom Line

Several GTA 6 fans are trying to uncover the voice actor behind Lucia and Manni L Perez is one of the primary contenders.

While Ana Esposito also remains the contender, the evidence points towards Manni L Perez as a favorite.

Players have to wait until the official launch of the game to find the voice actor behind Lucia.

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