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Explore The Monsieur Neuvillette In Genshin Impact

Monsieur Neuvillette is one of the upcoming characters in Genshin Impact.

 The character will most likely be introduced in the upcoming Patch. 

Monsieur Neuvillete is the Ordainer of the Inexorable Judgement and the ludex of the Fontaine in Genshin Impact. The Character will be available from the 4.1 Patch from September 23, 2023. 

Explore the article to get concrete information about the latest addition of the Genshin Impact. 

Monsieur Neuvillete: Brief Introduction

Monsieur Neuvillette is regarded as the Chief of the Marechaussee Phantom, one of the detective organizations in the game.

The members of the organizations can pursue things and details more than what the normal eye can see.

monsieur neuvillette
Monsieur Neuvillette in the Main event.

It consists of Melusines, the all-female crew and the daughter of Elynas.

The Character also holds the title of Ordainer of the Inexorable Judgement.

Nevillete has the Hydro element; however, developers still keep Constellation confidential. 

Moreover, users are unable to verify if Neuvillete a Dragon or not.

Further, the Hydro character strictly admires the court’s rule and is attracted by Furina‘s confidence.

Monsieur Neuvillette: History

Given that Monsieur is the role of Chief Justice, he implies unbiasedness to the trials and judgments.

The Character is reasonably very patient and wise in the court’s decision-making and analysis.

Being perceptive, Neuvillete uses Oratrice Mecanique D’Analyse Cardinate item to conclude his final thoughts.

The item is a weighing scale of the Court of Fontaine to determine justice and truth. 

Thanks to his unbiased nature, he is regarded as the symbol of Justice to the Fontaines.

Although the truth prevails in Neuvillete, the character still lacks human emotion in his nature.

He seems quite introverted in Genshit Impact but is friendly with the Melusines.

On the other hand, appearance-wise, the character is quite tall and dashing.

monsieur neuvillette
Monsieur Neuvillette in Genshin Impact.

The character appears in Act 1 and Act 2 of Chapter 4.

The Acts are known as Predude of the Blancheur and Noirceur and As Light Rain Falls Without Reason.

In Chapter 1, the Character will be involved in the City of the Rains and the Remembrance event.

In addition, his second event in ACT 1 is  Lies Cast Shadows Under Gathered Lights.

Jumping to Act 2, Monsieur will be available on When All Returns to the Water.

Abilities of Monsieur Neuvillette

The Neuvillete  is one of the most powerful characters deploying hydro elements

However, there are a few essential abilities the Character can deploy in battles.

Here is the list of the elements and skills ;

1. Normal Attack

The normal attack of the character is As Still Waters.

He can deploy a maximum of three attacks with the Hydro Damage by controlling the tides.

2. Charged Attack Empowerment

His charged attack appears by forming a Seal of Arbitration.

The Character can absorb any form of water droplets and the power of the water source.

He can even re-obtain the health Percentage by adding the water droplets to Seal Speed.

This will eventually lead to the Charged Attack deploying Charged Attack. 

3. Charged Attack 

The primary attack of the Monsieur deploys the AOE Hydro damage.

The Charge attack uses the ring of water and adequate battle stamina.

Unfortunately, if he loses more than half his HP, his health will continuously drain in the attack.

4. Plunging Attack

After gathering the might of Hydro, it deals hydro AOE damage.

All the opponents on the path will be impacted while deploying the ability.


Genshin Impact offers six varieties of constellations for Neuville.

Starting from Venerable Institution, it will increase the resistance using the Charged Attack Judgement.

Then, Law Commands and Ancient Friction will boost the critical damage and levels of a normal attack.

Jumping to Crowned in Compassion will generate a Watersource droplet every four seconds.

Furthermore, he will obtain three levels of O Tides in the Axiomatic Judgement Constellations.

Lastly, the character can obtain the Watersource droplet in the Wrathful Recompense.

It will lead to enhanced Charged attacks, higher fire rate and health regen. 


Neuvillette has a total of three passives in Genshin Impact.

The Heir to the Ancient Sea Legacy will provide Past Draconic Glories for half a minute.

Only if the companion must use utilities including Vaporization, Bloom and Hydro Swirl.

Moreover, this Passive skill will offer 110%, 130% and 160% respectively in the Equitable Judgement Charged Attack.

On the other hand, the High Arbritator’s Discipline, Monsieur will receive a 0.6 Hydro damage bonus.

Lastly, the in-game party member will be granted 15% of the movement speed in Gather Like the Tide.

Release Date Of Monsieur Neuvillete

Many Genshon players are astounded by the initial impression of the character.

Unfortunately, players must wait a while to play the Character.

Neuvillete will be officially available to play from September 23, 2023.

The upcoming patch due is Patch 4.1 of the fourth act. 

Thankfully, Players can officially visualize him in the game at the main story on 16 August.

Moreover, Writhoseley is also among the other character coming in the upcoming patch.

The Bottom Line

Monsieur Neuvillete is the 5-star Character that will debut on the 4.1 patch. 

The Character is the head of Inexorable Judgment and Ludex of Fontaine.

Many players eagerly await his release, thanks to his extremely powerful abilities and Constellation.

Hopefully, the character is as strong as it is portrayed in the main event of the Genshin Impact.

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