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Nikki Reed’s Role In The 2003 Film Thirteen: NYT Crossword Puzzle

Nikki Reed’s role is of a popular teen girl in the 2003 film Thirteen featured in NYT.

Nikki Reed is one of the cast of the 2003 film Thirteen, which is a Crime and Drama film.

In addition, her role in the film has been a feature of the recent New York Times puzzle.

The New York Times publishes a crossword puzzle section to its readers daily.

Furthermore, NYT has been publishing these puzzles since February 15, 1942.

Here we will discuss the answer for the Nikki Reed crossword puzzle clue.

Nikki Reed’s Role In The 2003 Film Thirteen NYT Puzzle

The 2003 movie Thirteen is a film of the Crime and Drama genre that features a teen girl and her struggles with life.

In addition, the movie details the young girl Tracy’s relationship with her recovering alcoholic mother.

Also, Tracy and her friend Evie struggle with alcohol, drugs, sex, crime and much more.

Tracy starts out as a bright student but goes down a rabbit hole of bad influence through her troubled friend.

The role of Nikki Reed in the 2003 film Thirteen is a recent feature of the NYT crossword puzzle.

Crossword puzzles help to train our human mind and improve critical thinking.

One crossword clue can have multiple answers that could be words or synonyms.

However, sometimes the crossword clue has the most straightforward answer.

So, it is advisable first to answer the straightforward answers that you are sure of.

In addition, these answers can help you with letter hints for other answers through the crossword intersections.

Nikki Reed's role in the 2003 film Thirteen NYT
A sample of a New York Times crossword puzzle with answers.

Nikki Reed’s Role In The 2003 Film Thirteen: NYT Answer

Nikki Reed’s role crossword clue is a clue present in 47D of the New York Times puzzle.

So, look out for box number 47 in the October 6 New York Times newspaper.

In addition, the D represents down so write the answers on the boxes vertically.

The answer to Nikki Reed’s role in the 2003 movie Thirteen of the NYT Puzzle is EVIE.

Evie fits perfectly in the four vertical box spaces of the crossword section of the newspaper.

Nikki Reed plays the role of Evie, the troubled friend of Tracy who introduces her to the world of drugs.

The movie is a cult classic and even helped Nikki Reed win the Best Debut Performance award.

This crossword puzzle clue is a feature of the New York Time puzzle of October 6, 2023.

We hope that this article was helpful in answering the NYT crossword clue.

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