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Overwatch League Skins: Top Legendary Skins

The Overwatch League which starts in February and ends in November leaves behind wonderful skins for the players to enjoy.

These league skins mostly make it to the legendary category and look of course, legendary.

Moreover, these skins are unlockable or purchasable with League Tokens, an in-game currency you can buy.  

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Overwatch League Skins: Legendary Type Skins?

League Skins are exclusive skins that are only available for some time, or until the league ends in Overwatch.

Unlike regular cosmetics or skins which can be acquired using Credits or Coins in-game.

overwatch league skins
The Overwatch League typically begins in February and ends in November.

League Skins are only purchasable with League Tokens, a purchasable in-game currency.

However, you can get League Tokens through different means:

  • You can visit the official Overwatch website where they giveaway free Tokens you can grab
  • Watching Twitch streams also can make you earn a few of these Tokens if you are lucky
  • Lastly, through (Major League Gaming Official Site) 

Note, that these methods only work when the Overwatch League is ongoing, after the league ends the Token distribution stops with it.

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Overwatch League Skins: Top 3 Legendary Skins And Controversial Skins

The top 5 legendary overwatch league skins are:

1. Briggite GOAT Skin

The Briggite GOAT Skin is one of the most popular skins in overwatch of all time.

Moreover, fans are demanding to bring back this skin in the 2024 league as they couldn’t get their hands on it before.

2. Zenyatta Zen-Nakji Skin

The MVP Zenyatta skin is based on JJonak’s love for octopuses, who was crowned Most Valuable Player of the league.

The skin had been taken out from the game’s store for a while and kept back in the store in 2023.

3. Zhulong Skin

The Zhulong Skin for Sombra was released in 2021 after Shanghai Dragons won the league.

The skin represents a Dragon which also represents Shanghai so we can see what they did there.

Moreover, the Zhulong Skin was back in the game’s store in the 2023 league and is expected for this season as well. 

However, it hasn’t always been dragons and lotus when it comes to Overwatch skins.

Some skins have been controversial and fans had demanded to take the skins out of the game.

The most Controversial League Skins in Overwatch are:

1. Chained King Reaper Skin

The Chained King Reaper Skin attracted a lot of controversies during its release, 10 months after the league concluded.

Normally, the league skin drops 4 months after the conclusion of the league and costs 200-300 LT(League Token).

Whereas, this skin cost 500-600 LT and fans started raising questions about the skin, from funny horns to not matching the original style.

2. Alien Zarya

The Alien Zarya skin is the most controversial in Overwatch, refunding the skin’s cost back to the players, the game removed the skin.

Alien Zarya was designed for Sinatra, MVP of the OWL who was later accused of sexual assault.

Alien Zarya Skin
The alien Zarya skin was brought back to the store after a while with the removal of the player stamp but was shortly again removed.

The skin has never been brought back to the store after the incident and probably never will.

How To Get Your Hands On Overwatch League Skins?

The past OWL or Overwatch League skins are kept in the game’s store on a rotational basis.

They will release the legendary skins only once or twice a year so make sure you keep checking your store for what is available to you.

Moreover, these skins can cost slightly more than what they used to cost back in the game but it will be worth it.

The 2024 league skins will be announced after the conclusion of the league which will be in November.

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