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How To Find Profane Womb In BG3?

The Profane Womb is one of the items in BG3.

Moreover, the exclusive material is found in the Underdark location. 

Profane Womb is a destroyable item found inside the Mind Flayers Colony. Players must interact with Chop, save the caged brain and tackle the enemies in the Morgue sub-area.

 Continue Reading to know the usage and the exact location of the Profane Womb in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

What Is Profane Womb?

The Profane Womb in BG3 is a large item available in the Mindflayers Colony, the Underdark.

Moreover, upon progress through the Walkthrough, players will extract the material.

Players can either attack or destroy the Profane Womb.

Further, behind the religious one will unlock a getaway to the next destination, Necrotic Laboratory.

Unfortunately, to get there, players must progress through the previous events in the Colony.

Potent creatures inhabit the MindFlayers Colony, and an Elder Brain rules the location.

The creature has a massive pool of brain matter connected to all Mind Flayers through a telepathic link.

Lastly, progressing in the Mind Flayer Colony and searching for the Profane Womb will lead to facing the boss.

Continure reading to reach the Worg Pens and Pedestal of Reckoning in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Searching Profane Bomb IN BG3

To search the Profane Womb in the Mindflayers colony, players must follow the procedure;

1. Enter The Mind Flayers Colony

After players interact with the Hollow tower and get a prompt to leap. 

However, players must reach out to Ketheric Thorm and jump down from the Chasm that will lead to the ground.

profane womb bg3
Enter the Mind Flayer Colony.

Players will reach the Mind Flayers Colony and will be informed about the deadly creatures inside the colony by Dream Visitor.

2. Reach The Flesh Wrought Doors

After listening to Dream Visitors’ history, unlock a path to find the internal areas by talking with membrance.

Then, Players will face the Intellect Devourers; luckily, they are passive in nature.

If you follow the passage of the Devoureres, you can get to Flesh Wrought Doors to extract the Morgue.

profane womb bg3
Open the Flesh Wrought Door.

3. Explore Morgue Area

This area consists of a bunch of bodies known as Neural Apparatus along with free mind and restoration.

If players take the right, they can see a Mind Flayer brain, which seems different from other enemies.

Neural Apparatus inside the Wrought Door.

In addition, players can opt to save the brain to take along with them in the battle. 

After completing the conversation with the brain, players should head out to search for the console.

If players interact with that console, it will deploy a corpse known as Chop after hatching the item.

4. Complete Persuasion Check

After knowing Chop was snatching the victim’s brain, the Absolute will transform it into the Intellect Devourers.

This will make the Chop one of the Hiveminds and ask for the player’s help to release the caged brain of Morgue.

If players agree to release the brain, Chop will hand out an unlock tool for the cage.

Lastly, If players use the tool to free their brains, they can also receive an item called Summon Us.

5. Search The Profane Womb

 If players succeed in the event until this stage, they will also get a few helms in that area.

Ensure to use them to upgrade players’ inventory to have a significant advantage over the enemies.

Also, players will face many enemies before they can extract the Womb.

Then, players must eliminate the Winged Horror, Death Shepherd and a greater Zombie in the Necrotic Laboratory.

After finishing the battle, check out the loots and extract the Profane Womb.

profane womb bg3
Get Profane Womb after beating all the enemies.

It is found in the exact location where the enemies were first seen.

The Bottom Line

The Profane Womb is found in the quest of the Mind Flayers Colony.

Unfortunately, the Profane doesn’t provide any have any form of usage.

Nonetheless, it unlocks a getaway from Necrotic Laboratory to complete the event.

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