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What Is Punchmade Dev Cash App Method?

Punchmade Dev, a famous rapper, claims he knows a Cash app method to earn vast sums. 

However, many content creators and IT professionals claim this is more likely a scam than some glitch. 

Punchmade Dev, a famous rapper, currently provides his followers with a method to earn vast sums from Cash app. However, he asks his followers to pay a $200 fee in Bitcoin to learn the Cash app method. However, many content creators and IT professionals are outing him for trying to scam his followers. 

Continue reading to learn about the Punchmade Dev Cash app method and whether it is a scam.

What Is Cash App? 

Cash app is a mobile payment service available only in the United States and the United Kingdom

Furthermore, in September 2021, the Cash app reported an annual transaction of 70 million users and a profit of $1.8 billion

Cash app users can download the application from either the Apple Store or the Android Play Store.

Furthermore, users can launch the application and create their accounts to use the Cash app. 

However, they do need to provide their bank details to start their transactions. 

Landing page for Cashapp
Cashapp is a mobile payment service you can download from the Play Store and App Store.

Who Is Punchmade Dev? 

Punchmade Dev is a rapper and an influencer who claims that his inspirations for starting a rap career are Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and Chief Keef

However, the rapper is famous for his lyrics about identity theft, credit card scams, and other similar frauds. 

Additionally, the rapper claims that he prefers to have complete control of the lyrics for his songs rather than having other songwriters write songs for him. 

What Is Punchmade Dev Cash App Method? 

The Punchmade Dev Cash app method is a glitch where users can earn vast money from the Cash app.

Furthermore, Punchmade Dev even put up posts where he claims to teach his followers this method.

In his video, he claimed that $200 worth of bitcoins was the price for learning the method.

Here you can find the steps to learn the Cash app method.

  • Users who want to learn the method must visit Punchmade Dev’s website
  • Then, they need to choose the Cash app two-factor authentication method. 
  • Then, they will need to send Punchmade dev $200 in Bitcoin to get the video from Punchmade dev. 
Reddit user posts the Punchamde method
A Reddit user posts on how to perform the Punchmade Cash app method.

According to Punchmade Dev, this glitch allowed the users to earn up to $14000. However, this is a blatant scam

The users who sent him the Bitcoin claim that Punchmade Dev never sent them a video for the glitch.

It means Punchmade Dev simply scammed his followers. 

Additionally, the officials cannot easily trace the transactions done through Bitcoin.

Therefore, pursuing legal actions against Punchmade Dev is even more challenging. 

Keep reading and explore whether the Cash app is shutting down and if it gets hacked.

Is Punchmade Dev In The Jail?

Currently, it is unknown if Punchmade Dev is in jail or not.

Although, many content creators are exposing him for his scam tactics.

Moreover, Bitcoin transactions are hard to track by the authorities, which makes it more difficult to take legal action against Punchmade Dev.

The Bottom Line

Scam tactics from various influencers are increasing nowadays.

However, being skeptical about these glitches or frauds is better since you often lose money. 

Hopefully, this article can steer you away from these glitches and scams. 

Continue reading to explore if the Cash app password glitch is a scam and how to cash out in the Social Oasis.
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